playstation 2 will not read disc
  • My playstation2 will not read the disc and so unable to play any games. I have used different games and it says it is unable to read disc on all games.
    What could be the reason? Do you have any idea how much it would cost to get it fixed. [email][/email]
  • Hmm, two people with the same problem so close together. Not often that happens. The disc reader itself is gone, it sounds like.

    If you are still under warranty you could send it to Sony at no cost to yourself. You would have to contact Sony at their tech support number (found in the user manual) to have them send a box to send the system in.

    If your warranty is up on the PS2 they will charge you for repairs- having not done this myself i don't know how much this would be but it would probably be cheaper to buy a used PS2. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. :(
  • clean your disk with the specail cleaner
  • I have the same problem this just started today everything was fine last night if anyone could help sure would appreciate it.Thanks in advance
  • sort of the same problem here aswell mine is a SCPH-70003 slim line, the disk does not spin the lens is fine it is just the spinny thing
  • No mine is one of the bulkier models I guess probably older as well.I really don't know alot about them but my young guy is so disheartened because all the games he received for christmas won't work.I have been trying to find him another one calling walmarts daily as well as zellers.They are the only two stores where I live who sell them hope I can get one soon unless someone out there knows a way to get this one working.
  • I'm surprised they don't have more in by now, actually.

    Sladel, your old fat boy system may have given up the ghost- if it needs repair it would likely cost as much to do that as picking up one of the newer slimline models. Have you checked Zellers' online site or possibly FutureShop?
  • Thank you so much for getting back to me so soon.I appreciate all the help and I was able to find one at toys r us thanks to an advertisement on this site.Once again I thank you and wish you a great day.