• Hi I'm new here and just thought I would say hello to you all. I am looking forward to playing some fantastic games here and chatting to some new ppl.:)
  • Howdy, welcome to our humble abode on the information super highway. :D

    If ya have any questions feel free to ask away, we are a helpful bunch. Other than that enjoy the site and have fun.
  • Well howdy there Cinnamon! Great to see a new face to come round these parts!

    Welcome to Absolute Playstation! Feel free to post in any of the threads that we have here or post any of your own if ya like!

    What kind of games do you like most Cinnamon?
  • I like puzzle games most of all but enjoy lots of different ones. :)
  • Puzzle games eh? So I figure you're probably a master of Tetris..correct??:D
  • i'm not too bad, but i prefer stuff like bejewelled