• I just had a question about the weapons.
  • Damage is also dependent on type and grip.
  • So what type(blunt, piercing, ect.) would a one handed, singled edged sword belong too, would it be blunt? I'm still early in the game, so I only have a short hilt and a swept hilt.
  • It's listed when you check out the blade (or any other weapon).
  • You should also check your weapons DP (damage points) bar, if it's too low you won't do much damage at all, & also keep your weapon holstered as much as posible so you don't loose PP (phantom points), 'cos the more
  • Definatly make sure you check the damage points and repair your weapons in the blacksmiths. To gain experience with a creature class try using the dummies. The human dummy is found on the first level just before you fight the minatoar. I reckon the problems you are having are either due to weapon damage points or the weapon you are using is a weak one such as a spatha sword.

    With choosing weapons with creature classes it's best to use the formulas below if you want weapons that can be used against two classes without one creature class experience nullifying the other. Here it goes as far as creature class compatabilities with weapons.

    Evil/ undead

    Have fun

  • One last question, is there any way, besides that ruelet thing after the bosses, and the elixers, to get your stats to higher levels?
  • Yes, eventually you start finding bottles of wine, which act exactly like the elixers.
  • I guess unlike other RPG's, the main charachters in your "party" are you weapons.

    This might sound a bit sad but at the moment I'm seeein how far I can get through VS without weapons ie, hand to claw combat. This is my third time round, playing this game.
  • I tried that when I started my second game.
  • I tried it with a Dragon after taking all my armour off as well. The results were.... er... well... Dragon 1, Ashley 0. The trouble is blunt attacks are no good on certain creatures.
  • Digger,
    I wouldn't say the spatha is a weak sword, one of the 2 most powerfull weapons I have is a spatha (but that's probably because I have used it more than any other weapon). I call it the "F**k'er'upera" ('Cos that's what it does)
  • Knowze
    The spatha is the weakest of all the one handed swords. Like all weapon the spatha gets better with use, but if you forged the spatha with other one handed swords you would improve it to the max. Below is the progression list of the one handed swords.

    01. Spatha
    02. Scimitar
    03. Rapier
    04. Short Sword
    05. Firangi
    06. Shamshir
    07. Falchion
    08. Shotel
    09. Kora
    10. Khopesh
    11. Wakizashi
    12. Rhomphaia
  • Okay, havn't played this game in about 2 months(God I need to get back too it) so I'm a little rusty, but I'll try to answer your questions.
  • Juggleknot,
    top choice of game. The spatha is basically a crap starters weapon. Without going into specifics the rule of thumb guide for combining weapons is, when combining one weapon with another, check the stats to see if they have improved.

    As far as gaining experience and classes of enemies is concerned. Your menu tells you that when you select an opponant in battle.

    Unlike most RPG's, your main characters in this game are your weapons. I didn't focus a great deal on the elemental attributes of oponants when gaining weapon experience. I focused more on the class of creature I was fighting and dedicated a weapon for every two creature classes. Please read previous responses in this thread that will answer some of your questions. I have a really good workshop guide that will assist you when combining weapons. The good thing about this guide is that there arn't any spoilers.

    PM me if you want me to email this to you
  • heehee, man i suck at this game.
  • Yes. When the risk level is high your effiency drops dramatically. This however can be countered using the (hang on a sec. In research mode) :read: (back again) Vera root, bulb or tonic from your items. I like liken the risk factor in the battles to becoming worn out or short of breath.

    wow this game rules.[/b][/quote]

    Sure does, me being a sword collector and fencing as a sport gives me extra interest in this genre. I've played the game 4.5 times :thumbsup: There's great replay value aswell. At the end of the game you can play the game again and keep all your previous weapons stats etc that you built up from the previous game Enjoy. :thumbsup:
  • i'm 30 hours in, but the score page says i'm only 30% complete.
  • I know it's for Digger, but I think the most powerful sword is the Rhomphaia.

    As to the Warlord weapon thing, that has to do with the bonuses of your sword.
  • As far as weapons with more grunt are concerned, the best advice would be to use the weapon combination guide PunkBuddy sent you. The workshop menu will show you the new stats before you make the final decision of combining two blades.


    Just a minor note on weapon titles. Titles take into account the two highest stats of the weapon. The stats concerned are the monster class stats and elemental stats. A one cresent axe that I dedicated to fighting undead & evil creatures attained the divine title. This was due to the dark element status of most of these creatures and experience fighting these classes.
  • err, actually my question was 'is there a sword more powerful than the Scimitar that looks like a scimitar'.
  • As far as I know, I got all of the special weapons.
  • PunkBuddy,
    I think there's also the Holy Rood which can be rarely obtained in the showdown with Guildernstern (sp?)

    sorry about that, I went a little of topic from what you were really asking. :2silly: I have never seen the Romphia as this is rarely obtained and I can't think of to many curved blades, off hand
  • PunkBuddy, the upgrade info you sent me helped a LOT.
  • Generally when I got stuck in the game I just went and unlocked every door that I could and I seemed to progress.
  • The best strategy for your weapons is to change weapons on every different critter type and always use it on that type. For example, Sword on human critters, mace type weapons on undead critters, ect. You will have to experiment early in the game to see what works best on each and then stick to the ones that work best on each critter type.
    As you modify your weapons sometimes you weaken them so dont be afraid to disassemble them and start over.
    Good game, I enjoyed it and will play it again.
  • i'm on my second play-through.
  • I'll dig up my Minotaur record later.

    On the Hand of Light, I only got it once, and it was a POS, but it was made of Dama., and it had really good bonuses.
  • i've been all through the confusing Iron Maiden B1, B2, and B3.
  • Quote (juggleknot @ Dec. 14 2001,12:56)
    i can't use Analyze on Asura.
  • a sign you've been playing Vagrant Story too much:
    "Oh no, not another Queen's Elixir!"

    PunkBuddy, thanks for the advice on getting the Holy Win.
  • Quote
    a sign you've been playing Vagrant Story too much:
    "Oh no, not another Queen's Elixir!"[/b][/quote]

    Tell me about it!
  • every time i restart the game, i find something new.