mortal kombat armageddon
  • dear absolute playstation i need help with mortal kombat armageddon. its about the create a fatality mode i can get the fatality screen up but i don't know any codes to continue my fatality help!!!!!!!!!
  • Hi Ben, welcome to Absolute Playstation. Here is the information you need:

    Mortal Kombat: Armageddon features a Kreate a Fatality gameplay
    mechanic. This innovative feature is brand-new to the Mortal Kombat
    universe and adds a very unpredictable nature to the end of each and
    every match; hypothetically, each Fatality could be different (i.e.
    stringing together different chain animation moves to create different
    Fatality outcomes). Once an opponent has been beaten two out of three
    times, they become dizzy. It is now time to input the Fatality button
    combinations. Once the buttons have been successfully inputted, a
    meter will appear. Once this meter depletes completely, the Fatality
    sequence ends. So as long as you are fast enough to continue entering
    button combinations, the longer the Fatality sequence; you can string
    up to 9 chains and end your sequence with a Finisher for 10 possible
    actions. Note that some of this information (button combinations and
    names) has been borrowed from Prima Games