Happy New Year
  • Happy New Year everybody!!*hums Auld Lang Syne*

    We've all successfully lived up to 2007!! Woo hoo!!
    Hope you all had a safe New Year's Eve celebration and are all ready to kick in on your new year's resolutions.;)

    Me personally, I resolve to get A's in all my classes this year. I know it probably won't happen, but I'm certainly going to try my best! Anybody else have any resolutions? (it doesn't matter if you intend to keep them..)
  • Happy new year to everyone!!!!!!!!!!

    My resolutions are to

    1 - loose at least 2 stone before the wedding in may
    2 - havea kick ass wedding and honeymoon
    3 - get a new job were i am appreciated and get paid decent wage
    4 - move house back down to near my parents
    5 - have a new baby norman on the way by the end of the year!!
  • Yappy New Hair!

    Not that it feels like a new year is something special in it self but this here 2007 will (probably) bring a bit of change into me old way of life.
    I havn't exactly made it a new years resolution, it's more of stressing need, I shall get myself a job.
    Back in the days this task wasn't that hard cus I'd could take almost any old job offered. Now, when I'm done with my education it's alot harder. Somehow I'm over qualified for most eacy to understand jobs, and the ones I'm qualified for I don't have a clue about what they are about.:eek:
    I guess I just throw myself into the pit and send out a bunch of applications and see where I end up. Hopefuly it will all turn out great.
  • Happy New Year to everyone! I hope 2007 is better for me than 2006 was.:mad: What a crappy year I had. I know 2007 can only be better.

    My resolutions for 2007...

    1. Get healthy (not that I can control that, but I'm trying)
    2. Play more golf.
    3. Play more poker.
    4. Play more.

    Here's to 2007. Don't let me down, baby!
  • Yes Chris. A very er rewarding 2007 you'll have I'm sure. All you need is a holiday resort that has a casino AND a golf course within two minutes of eachother and that's your new life set up, right? :laugh:

    Anyway, what about me?
    I never really make New Years Resolutions as I can never be bothered trying to keep them.
    One I am going to make damn sure I keep though is that come PS3 release date, I'll have my brand spanking new PS3 ready to play on.
    Oh, and, finally, getting a WII tomoz. Argos has two due in today so reserved one with Zelda, to pick up tomorrow. So that will be one, kind of, Resolution I'll have kept, lol :laugh: