Whats been the most memorable xmas present EVER?
  • The ones i really remember have been

    - my atari ST!! It totally ruled!! I remember spending all xmas day playing street fighter with my dad and not wanting to go anywhere!!

    - A barbie make up counter that technically my sister got but it took my dad about 3 weeks to put together because you needed like a degree in engineering to get it all together. That was the first time i ever heard my dad swear.

    - The cherished teddy collection i get off my auntie every year. She always gets me one for my birthday and xmas. Tiff was going to get me one one year and she proper shouted at him!!
  • My most memorable Christmas presents:
    [*]My dear old Bandit-We got him as a puppy at 10 weeks old and he lived a great 14 years with us. I loved him to death.
    [*]A stuffed bear-Scott gave me a gigantic stuffed bear one year for Christmas, which I still have.
    [*]Maddie-She was originally my responsibility because I paid the cash for her last year..but on christmas morning my dad gave me a check and said merry christmas.
    [*]My new bed-I slept on a day bed from age 3 to age 19. Last year I got liberation with a queen size extra long bed mattress.:)
  • One that I remember giving rather than receiving, a 4.5 kilogram Toblerone chocolate bar. That thing was a monster.
  • wow i bow down to you - Did they manage to eat it all though ?
  • I think my most memorable has to be a present from my Uncle, a NES system and games, the first ever games console I had, awesome it was. :D
  • James VanB. said:
    One that I remember giving rather than receiving, a 4.5 kilogram Toblerone chocolate bar. That thing was a monster.

    I remember seeing them in a Makro store one year & went to pick it off the shelf and nearly knocked myself out with it. They were huge!!
  • The most memorable xmas persent was when my father got me Shadow. He only lived to be 2 years old till he died. I loved him so much.
  • I somehow end up buying the best presents for myself, sometimes with parental funding. Got my Jack Russel Terrier, elec-guitarr and amplifier, syntheziser and my ps2 that way. The most memorable christmas present would have to be the year I got a Snowmobile. Had alot of fun with that.
  • By the time my sisters family was done with the choco bar, they were a bit tired of it. I'm doing something new this year. i've recently discovered Fimo clay and have been making nifty little Christmas gifts with it, fridge magnets and lapel pins etc. The stuff is way cool and pretty easy to work with although patience is required. I've just finished a little snowman magnet wearing a headband and wailing on a fender Strat. This Fimo stuff is addictive.
  • My Sega Genises. I remember imitating that Sega scream because I was overjoyed.
  • Hummmmmmmmmmmmm, , most memorable xmas present?

    Gosh I am not sure, but it could be the PS3 60 GB I just bought today :-)
    I had to buy it in a bundle package with 9 games but what the hay..... I wrapped it up and put it under the tree for xmas...Lol

  • Star31 telling me on Christmas Eve '04 that I was going to be a father, was by far the greatest gift I have ever recieved. Granted it was quite a shock, but still the greatest blessing in the world. Every day with Ian and my family makes it worth having awoke from sleep.
  • My most memorable was when I was like 8 or something. I got this pool table that also stood up to make a basketball net. It was awesome
  • My most memorable present was the xbox, well probably, because it was my first house console, not my first portable console though, its not like its my idea of the best console but it introduced me to the gaming world, it may seem like i was living on mars but i didn't really know anything about games consoles until i heard about the xbox on adverts and thought, woah! That looks good, so when i got it i was really happy, then later on after a while, i thought i would buy the ps2 and was even happier :D, But the ps2 wasnt a christmas present so it doesnt count.
  • my most memorable present would have been my sega cd, i wanted i video game console and i had no idea that the sega cd existed, and i was psyched
  • Bigtrak, 80's programmable vehicle.
    It was amazing, loved it!!!!

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