One Sentence Story
  • ..whom were preoccupied with following some silly key.
  • But what was the key?

    It was the key to the future of the missing meerkats.

    and althought Donald and Goofy didnt know it they were about to change the course of history...for the...
  • better or worse? Nobody knew as the Key of Scion (as it was called) had never been used before. According to the Hieroglyphics on the key, the key had to be submerged in the four elements, so Donald prepared to use his most powerful elemental magic (Fire, Water, Wind, and Lightning) in order to activate the key. First he cast Firaga on the key and it began to glow red. Then he cast Waterga and the key began to glow blue. After casting Aeroga, the key began to glow green. Finally he readied the last elemental spell, Thundaga...
  • And as he started to say the spell for this, he turned the page in the Handy Book of Envoking Magic and Assorted Stuff and some bugger had spilled coffee on it and he was stuck halfway through the spell.

    The Key began to pulsate and those watching began to back away from the scene worriedly....

    What was Donald to do?
  • At that very second, Goofy sneezed and farted at the same time, which completed the spell but with horrific results.
  • Suddenly a Dimensional Portal opened and Melted Marshmallow started to leak through the Dimensional Rift.
    Just when everyone started to breathe a sigh of relief, the Melted Marshmallow started to come together and began to grow into...
    ...Marshmallow Man from the Ghostbusters.

    Who you gonna call?
  • (Seems the one-sentence story kinda turned into the coupla-sentences story, dinnit?)

    You're gonna call O.J. Simpson, 'cause when a marshmallow man (or ex-wife and her boyfriend) needs to be hacked to death, he is the man!
  • Jerry M STAFF said:
    (Seems the one-sentence story kinda turned into the coupla-sentences story, dinnit?)

    That's kinda what I've been hinting at for quite awhile. But no one typical males.;)

    So the group called O.J. Simpson, but regretfully they found out he was going to be awhile because he kept his limo driver waiting for more than an hour.
  • Knowing how it would turn out if O.J. kept them waiting, they turned to the next person most likely to destroy a vast bloated marshmallow, Donald Trump.
  • Unfortunately Donald Trump was currently sitting on the toilet due to the last person he fired putting something in his last meal, so they turned to the next person on their list...
    Ronald McDonald!?!?! :o:confused:
  • ronald mcdonald was worried that his arsenal of fry grease and scalding hot coffee wouldn't be enough, so he decided to call his friend, the burger king king hand puppet thingy, knowing that they had a fresh supply of DDR happy meal toys.
  • The Burger King was busy however and called up Jack to see if Jack could tie up everyone with his curly fries..and Jack agreed.
  • This only held them for a short time, however, as they were able to eat through their bonds.
  • However, as any one who as eaten from the above establishments can testify too, its after eating their produce that you be come a prisioner - in this case to the toilet as the curly fries were about 4 weeks out of date....

    (Long, over wordy maybe, but still a single sentence!!) :huh:
  • Yet, being prisoner of their own digestive dysfunction was far greater than what might have been, had they fallen under the sway of the great creepiness of the Burger King.
  • One small meerkat named poochy had been asleep all this time and found himself the only sane, non-toilet needing being, so he decided to make himself a stirfry with none other than the magically enchanted wok containing the Genie, Wayne.
  • the tears that spillt over the wok from poochy chopping onions for his stir fry once more awakened the genie......
  • Wayne appeared with a puff of green light and stared expectantly at the meerkat while snapping, "what do you want ME to do?"
  • He thought about that for a moment and said "I wish my fellow meerkats were cured of their affliction brought on By Jack".
  • Unfortunately for all poochy was trying to wipe up the onion tears and Wayne took affliction to be infection and cured all of the meerkats of the scurvy that they didnt even know they had yet. :eek:
  • Wayne disappeared in a puff of green smoke which he had come and Poochy rushed down to his meerkat clan to hopefully see them all freed from the curly fries, but much to his horror..
  • they had been well and truly cured because now they had evolved into Über-Meerkats with muscles equalling or even bettering those of Arnold Schwarzenegger and were 100% safe from any or all diseases including ones yet to be discovered.
    Their muscles, however, made it near-impossible to scratch themselves when they had an itch.
  • The mere thought of being unable to take care of that nagging itch threw Poochy into a panic and in desperation sought out help from....
  • the chocobos. poochy had heard that somewhere deep in chocobo's dungeon (2) there was a tonic that made you resistant to all itchies, but unfortunately for poochy, the chocobos had given him an unidentified tonic for which they had no identify card.
  • What was Poochy to do?

    Suddenly he saw Cloud Strife rushing by on an armored Gold Chocobo, so he grabbed the first chocobo he could get his hands on and chased after Cloud in the hope that he had some anti-itch materia in his possesion.
  • As though Cloud had no idea why the meerkat named Poochy was chasing him, he jumps off his chocobo and brings Poochy to the ground with his sword.
  • Suddenly, poochy finds a piece of materia on the floor. He picks it up, equips it, and is suddenly able to cast STOP on Cloud, giving Poochy time to explain what has happened thus far and allows him the chance to request an Anti-Itch materia of some sort.
  • Cloud understands, and explains to Poochy that he has to complet a task for Cloud and Poochy will recieve directions to the anti-itch serum.
  • Poochy fearfully complies and asks what Cloud's task is and finds out that Cloud is looking for the white materia he mistakenly dropped in the City of the Ancients all those years ago.
  • Poochy heads towards the City of Ancients, to retrieve the white materia, and on the way he meets up with a bunny named HoppyJack. (Cloud didn't drop the materia did he, Aeris dropped it and then it went into the life stream with her right??)
  • Partway through the trip he realizes by the time he finds the materia and gets the instructions from Cloud it may be too late to help his fellow meerkats- remembering the piece of materia he found earlier, he came up with an idea.
  • sombulus said:
    (Cloud didn't drop the materia did he, Aeris dropped it and then it went into the life stream with her right??)

    Good eye sombulus! No, Cloud didn't drop the materia, it was Aeris..but I figured having Cloud drop it would be more interesting.;)

    He decided that he would bake a massive cake for his fellow meerkats that was infused with a strong sleep chemical which would cause the meerkats to remain at a standstill until he could return successful from his mission.
  • Unfortunately, HoppyJack was pulled over for speeding and taken into custody for having almost an ounce of the "strong sleep chemical" in his possession, leaving Poochy to continue alone.
  • Suddenly Poochy heard a mechanical kind of roar above him in the distance, it was Cid Highwind with his Airship "Highwind", so Poochy flagged him down and asked if he could grab a ride back to his village.
    He got back, cast Stop on everyone, and then had Cid take him all the way to the entrance to the forest blocking the way to the City of the Ancients so he could grab the Holy materia that Cloud wanted; now all Poochy needed was the Harp that would reveal the entrance to the City of the Ancients, where to start looking though...
  • Poochy realizing that he somehow *misteriously* found the materia wene he was on his journey on foot, returns to the highwing, as Cid breaks the news that the battery has died.
  • Of course, Cid being a trooper, decided that he best tell Poochy to go outside under the Highwind and blow all the air he could out of his lungs to help push the ship upwards while Cid would look at all the switches.
  • Half an hour later, Poochy was still there puffing away- as he collapsed against the ship in exhaustion he glanced up and saw the Energizer Bunny staring at him.
  • Poochy grabbed a sword, that was for some reason mysteriously stuck in the underneath of the Highwind Airship, and attacked the Duracell Bunny. Poochy then nicked it's battery and took it to Cid, who was very happy because the battery was a limited edition Plutonium Battery that was fully powered and would last for over 1000 years.
  • poochy finally reached the ancient city, ran through all the rooms opening all of the treasure chests (which were mysterously empty, due to cloud's visit) until finally he found the ancient altar where the materia had dropped out of the hair of aerisu when suddenly jenova birth springs out of the water.
  • Rewrite the rules and Final Fantasy without me. I'm outta here.
  • (you're right. it was my mess up. i'd take it down if i knew how. sorry i messed up. just continue on like i didn't post anything.)

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