• I'm stuck in the church. How do I get to Ashley?
  • Take the money off of the table on the left side of the alter, then smash the
    barrel in the hallway on the right. Take the ladder to the upper level, then
    swing across the chandelier. Smash the barrels up here for some more items,
    then head for the console thing to control the lights.

    Rotate red twice, green three times, blue once, then choose Combine. The gates on the side of the room will go up, so head over there and open the door.

    Smash all of the barrels in here to get items, then open the door to leave.
    Head for the ladder on the right side of the area and jump down, then approach the ladder and press the X button to have Ashley jump. Enter the main part of the church to finish this section of the chapter.