destroy all humans 2 help
  • The first time I get in the saucer I am told to target a vehicle with L1 and use drain to charge the saucer shields. I have followed these instructions many times but am always told to do it again. What am I doing wrong? I need to be able to move on.
  • Under Saucer Controls
    /_\= enter cockpit
    [ ]= Pox Mart
    O = Navi-Com
    X=Gene Blender

    Saucer Controls
    Left analog stick= move forward/back, left and right
    Right Analog stick= move up/down and rotate left or right
    X=Gene Blender
    /_\= Land/Take off
    [ ](hold)= Change Weapon
    R1= Fire
    L2=Cloak (limited time)
    L1= Abducto Beam

    You instantly start off in this mission first you have to kill all the KGBs
    coming from random directions. You don’t have your jet pack yet. Get
    to Pox that purple ting on Map. PK the trash cans into gate to open.
    Kill the 2 KGBs right there then grab Pox. Head to landing spot then
    talk to the statue (Arkvoodle) and shoot him with your zapomatic to
    open the landing spot. Call your Saucer and kill the KGBs coming
    at you. After Cut scene head South and jump on Mini-Van, then Water
    tower. Then jump onto the building for the Disclocator Datacore.
  • You don't understand. No matter how many cars I drain the shields don't charge up.
  • To drain a vehicle keep hitting the circle button while holding down the L1 for the Abducto beam. I can't see any reason why the shields would not charge up unless they are at capacity already. My disc has no problems with it.
  • Thank you Lyndon M. I needed to repeatedly push the round button not just push it once. How stupid of me. All is well.