Bratz Rock Angels
  • How do I figure out/enter the code for the computer?
  • Once you have access to the Bratz Office, you can go to the Cheat computer and input the following codes for special results.

    ANGELZ Unlocks Ringtone 16
    YASMIN Gives you 1000 Blingz
    FIANNA Unlocks Ringtone 15
    PHOEBE Gives you 2000 Blingz
    ROCKIN Changes the Paris Boy
    STYLIN Changes Camerron
    DANCIN Gives you 2100 Blingz
    BLAZIN Unlocks Ringtone 12
    BLINGZ Changes London Boy
    WAYFAB Gives you 3000 Blingz
    MEYGEN Changes Dylan
    HOTTIE Gives you 6000 Blingz
    BNYBOO Unlocks ringtone 14
    MODELS Unlocks Party outfit
    KOOLKT Unlocks party jewelry
    PRTPRN Koby changed