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    This was an article I saw in a past issue of a gaming magazine. The article listed hilarious/annoying/tired clich
  • The "collect X amount of stars/ fruit/ coins for an extra life" has been a staple of the platformer games since the very first Super Mario Bros.- quite honestly, it is getting old.
  • This seems like a similar topic to what I saw here.

    My biggest cliche that I've seen is that you can walk into ANYBODY'S house in an RPG and take their things and nobody will mind or call the cops.
  • that's not true! you couldn't do that in fable! ;) they'd run after you and call the guards if you got caught! ;) *geek voice* plus you'd be a negative 20 on your charisma check. ;)
  • tanpopo said:
    that's not true! you couldn't do that in fable! ;)

    Well, you can't really include Fable as it's nothing compared the awsomeness (is that a word?) that is Final Fantasy. In those games, you can nick anything and everything practically from peoples houses and they don't care. It'll probably get to the point in FF games that if you DON'T take anything, then you'll get attacked, lol. Although, thinking of the FF games, in FFVII, if you went into Tifa's house and went upstairs and whatnot she kind of got a bit annoyed with you or whatever for doing it. Remember she aks you if you went upstairs, if you went in her room, if you played her piano etc... so isn't always 100% true in RPGs :mellow:
  • hey but you know! if you didn't go in her room and play that stupid piano in the beginning you couldn't get her bestest weapon, so you got to ignore her snippyness! lol :) and it's true! fable was horse manure compared to any of the final fantasys!!!! i was just showing the outlier. (if i can be statistical about it)
  • One of the major clich
  • There you are, walking around the lab, castle, fortress, whatever; armed to the teeth and carrying enough explosives to move the moon into a different orbit, and you come to a door (usually something that is either a light panel door or is half glass) that has a "simple lock" and you must find the key before you can get pass that way.
    I long for a game where you get the option to shoot the lock, kick the door in or just blow it up. I mean WTF is the point of all those weapons if a cupboard door cant be opened?

    Sort it out game designers, unless of course you can prove that the way into your own home is barred by a lock which can only be opened by finding half a dozen things laying around your yard. That must be a pain in the ass when you come home with the groceries, 3 crying kids and its raining!! :o
  • Your hero carries 500 lbs of equipment but can't seem to jump up simple five foot ledge or move the rubble out of the way to go up the stairs.

    You had 1367 rounds of ammunition going into the cut scene but when it comes time for that perfect head shot that will drop the super evil threat to the world you can't seem to find even one round.

    Only boxes that contain useful items may be broken, all others are made of super high density corrugated titanium.
  • Blasting around a race track/street circuit, sliding to build up boost or nitro. Hiting that red button & bashing around the course like a pinball. In real life if that happened your nitro would blow you up into infinite bits!

    Another is gun ammo reloading. you always bang in a clip, lock & load & cap off the bad guys. What about dropping the damn clip from an explosion near by & loosing that lovely ammo?
  • i dont get in grand theft auto you can throw a grenade at a road block and it wont even budge!
  • I'm sure that in those same games (GTA series) that even if you go into a police barrier with a tank it just bounces off.
    I mean, come on, it's a bloody tank :mad:
    And another thing with tanks, why can't you blow up every single building in the city your in. You can use a tank to blow up practically everything in real life, yet in GTA games, for example, you fire at a building, there's an explosion, but the building is fine. What's the point?
    Another thing about the GTA games, you get planes flying over you, ready to land, no matter how many times you aim and fire your rocket launcher at them, nothing ever happens. Why can't you shoot a plane down? You can blow up every single vehicle in the game, including tanks (eventually), yet a simple plane? No chance at all.
  • And let's not all forget the classic platformer cliche of the Almighty Jump (tm).

    Using the power of the Almighty Jump your head immediately turns to an indestructible block of material, cpabable of smashing through bricks, whilst at the same time your feet become lethal allowing you to kill almost anything by landing on it's head/shoulders/back.

    Admittedly the feet thing would hurt if someone jumped on your head several times, but still....