True Crime - new york
  • i am having trouble finishing a mission. i am in the theatre and there is a fire blazing dragon, and there is a 'hint' that pops up saying 'shoot the fuel tanks' but i cant spot them
  • Tom, this is the only information I can find about True Crime (New York) for the playstation2 that sounds a little like where you are currently stuck:

    Magdalena Cartel "Bullet Opera"

    1. Deal with the guys here and then follow the hallway around to the right.

    Scene (on a side note if you play this mission over she seems to say
    something different each time you replay this mission)

    2. Deal with more guys here and then go through that doorway you saw Teresa
    go through. Go down the hallway to your right after dealing with more guys
    and then go down some stairs to deal with more guys in the lobby. Go get the
    first aid kits if you need them and then head into the seating area that is
    behind the wall they are on.

    3. Deal with a few more guys here (if you happen to have picked up the scoped
    bullpup you can use that to take out the guys here from a distance) and then
    head towards the stage.

    4. Hop over the wall and kill the one lone guy here.

    5. Don't pick up his Rotary gun yet and instead quickly kill all the guys you
    see on stage until Teresa appears on a large viking ship (with a dragon head
    on the front of it).

    6. Boss Battle "Teresa"

    Quickly Auto Aim and shoot the front of the ship until all the boards at the
    bottom front part of the ship is gone. Precision aim towards the bottom part
    of the boat and move the reticle around that area until it turns red. Once
    it turns red quickly shoot as much as you can. Once you see an explosion this
    fight is done. If you happen to go into this fight with the RPG use it once
    all the boards on the front of the ship are blown off to make the boat blow
    up faster or use it to blow off all the boards at the front of the boat with
    one shot.

    (Note: I ran into an odd glitch here I though I might mention I'm not sure
    what caused it but after the boat blew up in the Scene Teresa was looking
    kind of like a Johnny Storm because she was on fire the whole scene.)

    If this is not the area where you are having problems, please post a more detailed description of where you are.