Rebel Raiders problem
  • Hi I have this game called "REBEL RAIDERS OPERATION NIGHTHAWK" and I cannot go any further in the game because it says that challenge 2 is locked please complete challenge 3 to unlock. So I completed challenge 3 and challenge 2 still says locked. The game even says "completed" on challenge 3. It says challenge 4 is not available so what is the problem? I have tried completing challenge 3 again (3 times) but it still says locked. Is it a glitch? Should a start over from a new game and get to that mission again and see if it still does it?
  • There isnt much information around about this game. Rebel Raiders was written by Kando Games News

    There is a website for the game at: Rebel Raiders - Operation Nighthawk
    ...but its about as informative as their main website :eek:

    I cant find any information that will help you out of the problem, there are no cheat codes for the game...

    The only suggestion I have is that you contact the company who sold the game, they are called Nobilis and are french.

    Here is a link to their support page (translated into English):

    Contactez-nous : Nobilis France