The frustration is overwhelming
  • I am stuck on Level 4 at the boss. After I get the first 4 boxes (one in each corner) destroyed, the tank loses it's shields an then starts shooting at me and following me around. I die within seconds. How can I defeat the boss on that part ? Can anyone help ?

    OOps...forgot to mention it's the Frogger Beyond game.

    No matter what sites I go to that claim to have help for the "frogger beyond" game in case one is stuck , when one enters those sites....there's nothing there. I am so frustrated that I want to scream or throw my pc up against the wall. What is it with Frogger beyond that nobody can help or won't help or, or , or....?....i am stuck at one part of the game and can't find anyone to answer my plea for help. what am i going to do ? why isn't there a walkthrough for that game ? I think i'll cry.
  • Hi there hny4jc, I have spent an hour looking for the information you require and came up with nothing.

    I see you have also posted in the official frogger area of the Konami support forum, I think that this is your best chance of getting an answer to your question.

    When you do find out, please let us know, as it will help other gamers with the same problem as you in the future.

    Best of luck in your quest !

  • Weeeeeel, luckely I've been a bit more fortunate in my quest for a lvl 4 Boss guide.

    Here's a rap up:
    First off, the boss will not fire at you as long as you are standing on a moving platform on the 3rd alltitude. To kill the boss you will, however, get him to fire at you. When the boss fires you must try to jump around and guide the missle back at the tank. That will kill him.
    The strategy is pretty much the same as the one you had them hit the force fields. Remember to keep on moving about.

    Good luck!