road rash for ps1
  • i can't get the cheat for more money and bikes or the weapon cheat to work that was posted on this site.
  • Sorry Steve, it looks like the code is bogus, I will get it removed.

    Here are a few codes that DO work !

    Avoid head-on crashes
    Just before hitting an oncoming car, press X (x2) to pop a wheelie. Instead of crashing your bike will use the car as a ramp.

    Special punch
    Hold Up then press Circle. Release Circle when you want to punch.

    No ticket fines
    Pause the game and restart after being pulled over.

    Special kick
    Hold Down then press Circle. Release Circle when you want to kick.

    Hitch a ride
    Slowly ride behind a car. Then push X (x2) to pop a wheelie. As the bike rolls over the roof, push Square to brake.

    Steal weapon
    With your bare hand, punch a rider who has his weapon drawn to steal the weapon.

    Double damage
    Press L2 + R2 during a race to allow double damage while in "Far" view.

    Blast 2x
    Hold zoom out, then press the rearview mirror button before releasing Zoom out.