PS2, network access disk, livebox - what's missing?
  • Hi guys

    I'm new here and could really use some help.

    I have a slimline PS2. I've wired it up to my Wanadoo/Orange livebox to try and get online.

    I've ran the network access disc, it has created a setting and ran all of it's checks (all greenlit). When I then try and log into the 'Central Station' it makes the connection and loads up the central station homepage, where it says press X to continue. I do so, and the loading icon comes up at the top right. It tries for a few minutes then says it couldn't access it and to check my settings.

    I have a network access code but haven't been asked for this anywhere.

    I really want to get online but am totally stumped. Do I have to do some config on the Livebox? I've tried playing with the 'set up external hardware' on the access disk but didn't get anywhere?

    Can anyone save me from going totally nuts?

    many, many thanks for any pointers


    PS. Will I not need to enter my WEP key from Wanadoo somewhere as well? Cheers
  • You will need to enter the WEP key somewhere in the PS2 connection set up. This may be part of the problem along with maybe needing to enter in some other numbers from your Livebox or the net provider such as the DNS servers, Subnet mask, etc.
  • Ok thanks. Any idea how I go about doing all this stuff? I'm not especially IT savvy. There aren't options for entering most of this stuff in the network configuration settings as far as I can see. Would all the checks that the network disk ran have come back green if all this other stuff wasn't set correctly, or is it totally seperate?

    Thanks again
  • As you go through the set up on the PS2 (not the Livebox) you will have the option of Automatic and Custom for the IP address and DNS servers. You should be able to leave the IP address at Automatic- however, it may work better to find the other numbers (DNS servers, subnet mask, etc.) and enter those into the connection on the PS2. You should be able to find these numbers inside the Livebox configuration pages on the computer.
  • Ta

    I've got the DNS numbers and put them into the network settings on the ps2.

    There's nowhere for the subnet mask or my WEP key still though - any ideas?

    I've tried it with just the new DNS settings and when i try to access central station i get the same message as before:

    Central Station cannot be contacted. Check your settings and retry. [Ref. SCC]
  • The Subnet mask blank should have been on the same page as the DNS server fields, just below primary and secondary (unless they changed how it works with the UK set up from how it looks in North America).

    Honestly, I haven't dealt with these Liveboxes before- I'm in Canada and these seem to be just in the UK. Maybe one of our UK-based staffers or members can lend a hand here.
  • I hope so - these boxes are a pain in the a**e for anything that isn't built in to a PC!! Thanks anyway
  • Hi mpnttall,

    Spoke to support for you and they can help you configure the unit for the PS2 if you contact them:
  • Thanks for that, I'll give them a call and see what they say :)