Version update to 1.5 - Warning?
  • Im usually not one to spread rumours and I already updated my PS3 successfully to firmware v1.5, as I go online and its mandatory.

    I've one issue with RFOM and have been monitoring the myresistance forums, there are several posts this evening of people bricking their PS3's with the Version 1.5 update that was released to NA today.

    Im unsure at this point if these are real issues or if they are compounded by people having connectivity issues while doing upgrades, or turning of their systems while doing the upgrade however it may be worthwhile staying away from the update for a day or so to ensure that its actually not a problem with the update itself, im sure if it is an issue it will be pulled or fixed ASAP by sony.

    This means that youll need to stay offline during your wait as it will prompt you for an update to go online.

    Again my update worked perfectly but there are reports on other forums of the update blowing up PS3s.

  • Many thanks for posting this advice bozzybear... you might just have saved someones playstation3 !

    If anyone alse updates their PS3 to version 1.5 of the firmware, please can you post if it was a success, or if you hit problems please ?
  • I did the update myself a couple of days ago with no problems at all. The matter of some people bricking their systems while updating is due to user error, nothing the update itself did.
  • I had some private messages from other forums last night with people running into problems downloading the update or it hanging on install around 25% complete.

    As mentioned I ran my update fine, and 2 of my friends ran their updates fine. There where lots of posts though so do your research. If it looks like most of the problems are to do with downloading pull the OS update down from a computer and run it as a local file via a usb key.
  • Some of the other forums I usually visit had no one reporting any bricking issues with their updating- some problems getting connected in the first place to download it in the first place, yes. I hit a couple of the bigger forums such as Sony's own and Gamespot- most of the recent posts there was an assortment of the usual foolishness. :p
  • YEah like I said nothing doing on mine or my friends units, weve had no issues but its apparant some people are having some problems.

    Sorry if ive caused any excessive panic, as I mentioend I dont usually post this kind of stuff. But ive had a PSP for 3 years and (yes I know its hackers doing it) but firmware updates can be nasty. This firmware update didnt really do much apart from the Ps2 artifact issue and some novel ways to pay if you live in Japan.

    Seems like the update process isnt bulletproof so the advice would be pause before doing an update unless you really need to or are very comfortable messing around with technology.

    Ive 6 friends with these things now and 2 of them should definately not have them and I will be changing my phone number pretty soon to avoid their late night panic calls when they cant quite the cheap wireless keyboard they just bought to work properly..
  • I know the feeling about those friends- I have some here the same way when it comes to the tech stuff. ;) Some of the regulars at the other boards i go to are somewhat the same way- makes me wonder how they manage to even get to the sites. :huh:
  • does anyone know how long you should wait to try to update the ps3 to 1.5
  • Hi Dancer, as mentioned in the private thread, you can likely go ahead and do the update, the problems reported have been varying but tend to float around the downloading and installation issue.

    If your not comfortable doing the install and have some technical issues just call sony and have them walk you through the process.

    As lyndon said most of the issues reported have been with downloading and installing not damage to ps3's

    I also see that some people that hacked their blueray firmware to allow them to play copied movies got dinged by the update and it has disabled blueray playback. Assuming you havent been hacking your PS3 you should be fine.

    Id go ahead but if your not comfy with the process give sony a call.
  • so do you think the update might work now
  • when your ps3 updated how fast did it do it
  • Ive done 2 updates now, one to 1.32 and 1 to 1.5

    it took maybe 5-10 minutes to download the patch, then following the instructions the patch took no more than 5-10minutes.

    To be honest ive never sat and watched it go, Ive had a PSP for ages and am used to the whole firmware update thing, I usually just start the process then go do something else then come back.

    Its never taken more than 10minutes to install the full patch tho. Maybe longed to download it, that depends on your internet feed performance.
  • I just tried to update my ps3 and it said "An error ocurred during the download operation. A connection to the server cannot be established.

    o Back
  • From the issues and emails youve sent me privately id really recommend you call sony directly
  • Sony really needs to get their servers up to speed with the demand- it looks like they are still woefully short on amount of connections allowed at once. I would say this is what you are running up against, dancer.
  • when i upgrade or download demos it takes like aminute percent
  • Some of those demos are rather large downloads, over 100 MB- heck, the latest firmware is a 99 MB download.

    Have you tried getting the firmware update through Sony's site and putting it on a memory stick or thumb drive? That may be the quicker way to get it done. Or, give me a shout on the AIM and i can transfer it to you over that.
  • i tried to download it from my ps3 web browsre on to my memory stick and had the same problem
  • Don't try it from there- use your computer to download it and then transfer that onto a memory stick or thumb drive.

    As I said up above, if you like i can try sending it to you through the AOL instant messenger. Just send me a message (my name on there is lyndonapi).
  • i am not on aol so i can't send you a message right now unless i get back on. this is internet explorer
  • never mind that message i forgot that i minimized it
  • did you get my e-mail lyndon M Staff
  • The page didn't want to load up for me so i wasn't able to check it.

    AIM is not a browser, dancer- it's an instant messaging program that you should have there as part of your AOL set up. I found your AOL name in your profile, I'm going to message you on there, OK?
  • okay so what was it you were going tosend to me through AIM
  • I was thinking of guiding you through downloading the update via your computer, putting it on the memory stick and updating your PS3 that way, which won't work unless you turn yours on.
  • okay i think that we could do that are you gonna send it through the ps network or AIM
  • okay my ps3 is on now what. Actually i'm playing FFXII
  • now my ps3 is starting to freeze on the web browser although i can't understand why i can get on the web browser when it says i have no internet connection
  • Actually, after some consideration I'll put the process here for others to see as well. Give me a few minutes to do up some screenshots for this (easier to show than describe). ;) And forget the PS3 browser- this will be done on your computer.
  • can i do this if i have a game on the ps3 right now or do i need to turn it off
  • Keep playing for now- when it comes time to update you will have to stop and go to the PS3's main screen. leaving the disc in while updating won't hurt.
  • do i need to be on aol to update?
  • Ok- first thing to do is take the memory stick and put it into your computer. It should open a window to show what you have on there (if anything) or bring up something like this:


    Select the option i did in the picture here and hit OK. This should bring up a new window showing what you have on there. Now, click with the right mouse button in an empty area of the window and you will have a menu show up. Hover the arrow on New and another menu appears- click on Folder. (BTW, ignore the other folders in the pic- those are from digital camera use.)


    You will need to name this folder PS3 (just type it when the folder shows up and hit enter on the keyboard, the letters must be in caps).


    Go into this folder and make another one just like you did before and name this UPDATE (again, all caps). This folder is where you will eventually put the update file, otherwise the PlayStation 3 can't see it.


    Now, you will need to be online for this bit. Go to - PLAYSTATION®3 - Network - updates in your web browser on the computer and click on the "download now" button beside the picture of the PS3. save the file where you will remember it (on the desktop is good enough, do NOT rename it). Once it is downloaded move the file into the folders you made on the memory stick, making sure to put it into UPDATES.

    Now you can put the memory stick into the PS3 and go to the Network Update. This time, however, pick "Update via external device"- it should see the update and start installing from there. You will have to connect the controller with the USB cable and hit the PS button.

    That does it- once the install is done and the system restarts you can delete the file from the memory stick. I know it sounds like a lot but it is really very simple. Hope this helps you out.
  • nothing came up when i put the memory stick in the computer
  • never mind i had to push it in alittle farther but i was i afraid it would get stuck
  • how do you move the file?
  • anybody on can reply to my question
  • Just click and hold down the left mouse button then drag it over to the window.
  • Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!! thank you so much i was having so much doubt with my ps3 i am so glad i became a member on this website you guys are awesome i still wouldn't have the update if i didn't coe to your website thank you so much!!!!
  • Glad to be of service. B) Be sure to keep this little tutorial in mind for future updates- there is supposed to be a big one coming in March around when the system comes out in the UK.
  • Hey guys.

    I updated my PS3 to the 1.5 and have had no probs what so ever. It did take a while to dl but, installed fine and every game, app etc.. works just the same as it did with the other previous updates....

    BUT still finding a pain to play RFOM.. soo many disconnects and Server ERRORS! !!!

    Lyndon- Thanks for your help on the HD question! Works great Now :P