• cant find map for the shaded areas for lakeview hotel, is that where i find the video tape and the last music box?, and does the servants elevator work at all, everytime i walk into it an alarm starts to go off. and proceeds to say max. person is one. thank for all your help guys
  • You get the Map for Guests on the directory to the left after going through the double doors right after picking up the Mermaid musicbox. Then to use the service elevator, just look i think it's to tour right and then place your items in there. That should do it i think. Keep on asking those questions and I or one of the other great members will find you an accurate and speedy answer. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • not sure if im following you about the map. and all of the elevators dont work for me unfortunetly. i have 2 music boxes so far.

  • Silently, in the room where the ringing elevator is there is a metal cabinate - put all you items in the cabinate and i mean all and once you step into the elevator again the ringing will stop and you'll be able to use the elevator - go to the first floor and once out of the elevator turn left and you'll find a map for the staff.

    Hope thats clear enough.
  • [b]Ok, go back to the entrance of the Lakeside hotel and then follow these directions. To the left of the double doors after entering the hotel, you should see a directory sitting on the table. If you go over and look you'll see the "Map for Guests" sitting on it. Pick it up and you've aquired the map. What music boxes do you have so far? I'm guessing you have the Mermaid as well as the Cinderella Music Box since you have to go down the service elevator to get the Snow White music box. You'll also find a message board that has a new "Map for Employees" pinned to it.