dynasty warriors 2
  • what does this mean and do you stop it from happening??
  • I have never played Dynasty Warriors 2, but routing enemy forces in a traditional military sense is a good thing.
  • I got this one.
  • Every time its happened to me its game over, waz up with that??
  • Some info on this question:
    "__force is scattered by __" this means that either your troop or you have killed an enermy commander and their soldiers are running like maggots( except those pea-brain bowman) or vice versa.
    So far I have not come by anything regarding the troops being routed. I will play it over again and get back to you. Oh, can you tell me the stage you are on?
  • Oh, sorry for the mix up, guess I gotta play that more often, but I'm almost sure that thats what it did for me.
  • If it says "enemy forcs routed" then that means that you defeated the opposing army. This is a good thing.