the worst and best of games!?
  • Out of all the years you have been playing video games, which are the best games you have played, and which ones did you play for five minutes and never had the desire to play again??

    Wene i got my first playstation for christmas, wene i was about ten or eleven, it came with a demo disc, the games on it were bushido blade, and final fantasy VII, my brother and I played the death out of bushido blade, but never did play Final Fantasy 7, but wene i played seven and its stopped wene you placed the first bomb in the reactor and you beat the boss, i just had to figure out what happened afterwards.

    i have never really hated a game with a passion untill last year, i was looking for an interesting game at the local gamestore for my psp, and picked up a brand new Rengoku, i took it home played for about five minutes, and dropped it, took it back to trade it in the next day, and got $5.
  • A couple of the worst games I ever played
    Square's racing game that came out about the time the PS2 was launched - it had Ferraris in it - but it was god awful.

    The first Dakar rally title - so so so bad

    some soccer game (Superstar Soccer?) for PS2 - worse than Jermain Jenas!!

    all these were back about 5 years ago, needless to say my dross filter is better programmed these days, and its an encouragement to rent games you are unsure about - especially if they are launch titles for a new console....
  • In general I despiced racing games. But then I never play them much. Nowadays games is such a costly habit that I go through great lengths to validate a buy (checking magazine score cards, reviews and such) that I seldom end up buying a vomit inducing disk. That doesn't mean that I don't dislike any of the games I tried, only that my system of rating might be a bit ascew. I mean there are some really bad games in the world (General Custers Revange and the like).

    The latest game that disapoited me and that I didn't care to play more than maybe 15 minutes of was Kill Switch. The training was nice and the first mission somewhat interesting, but then it simply was to much effort. I never really enjoyed "battle simulators" that were more about sneaking than about applying brute force to get you somewere. But that was probably not the worst game I've even experienced. One can't expect to remember all the bad things that happen to you.

    The best game I've played, allthough I must point out that I havn't tried them all, is Pro Evolution Soccer (any version, but the latest is usually the best). I don't know what it is about that series that appeals to me, but I must have spent several 100 hours on it and I never get tired of it.
  • Great to see you back Mag, how's life treating you? You got everything sorted now that you were doing?

    Anyway, back on topic.

    The series of games I love to play are as follows:
    Any Final Fantasy. (they are the best)
    Majority of Command and Conquer games. (can't wait for Tiberium Wars :D)
    GTA games (just love killing pedestrians for no apparent reason. Doesn't make me want to go kill people in real life though)
    Majority of Need ForSpeed games (Carbon wasn't very good though. Far too short for my liking)
    ALL Burnout games (they rule!)
    Metal Gear Solid games. (they practically sell the Playstation consoles)
    FIFA games (never was a Pro Evo person. FIFA 07 was just as good as, if not better than, Pro Evo 6 {think that's the latest Pro Evo game})And I think that's about it. There are probably other games I like, but can't think of any off the top my head right now.

    Bad games? Well, I never was an FPS gamer. The Time Crisis games are good, but that's about it. Also, proper racing games like Formula 1, I just can't get into those, give me Gran Turismo over them any day.

    So that's my taste in games. Like I've already said, I think I've missed some so I might reply again with some other games if I think of them.