Something evil this way comes...
  • By now your thinking Holy Crep! Lethal aka Rob is back! Yep, sorry for my sudden, and long absence. Life kind of took over as things do. The site looks a lot different, how have things been sailing guys?

    Hopefully Ill have enough time to check in once in a while, lifes pretty full on at the moment, not enough time to tell you everything haha.

    Anyway, hope your all doing great and I hope to catch up with a few of you later.

    - Rob aka Lethal

  • Great to see you around again man. Make sure you keep up with us here a lot more, ok?

  • Thunder from down under! How the heck are ya? You still playing with butcher's knives these days? Everyone gets busy, no big deal. Good to see you and come visit when you can!

    Axis uber alles!
  • ooooo its the one member of my cult!! Where have you been brother lethal?? How dare you have a life away from meeee!!!

    Missed ya *kisses*
  • Well well well. It's none other than the dreaded Thunder Down Under of my rival army.

    I gotta say I miss our blog rivalries. Get back as soon as you can and I'll be more than willing to take part in Battle of the Blogs!:)

    Missed ya a lot Rob!
    Hope all is well with ya!
  • Thanks Jay, Chris, Jane and Mel! I was missing the place but just couldnt find time to click my way here. Which I feel pretty bad for! Lol, check out my blog area because Im going to try and see if I can give you an update as to what is happening in my life these days.

    Yes chris Im still messing around with butchers knives, lol, my apprenticeship is going well, not that far into it, only around 6 months or so but Im enjoying it!

    Janeybobs, sorry about missing all those cult meetings! Lol. Not to worry, im back now so brush off the cult flag and start collecting virgins to sacrifice! Lol.

    Mel, ill see what I can do about a battle, not sure I can keep up with you though after checking out the blog area... :P Hope things are going well with you also.

    Hope things are well with all of you in fact! Like I said, keep an eye on my blog space over the next few days, Ill see what I can drum up. Hope your all well!

    - Rob
  • Welcome back lethal, its been a while. Good to see another familiar face. Hope all is well down under.
  • MAN! The place was quite with out you (take it either way) :)
  • Rob, a hundred thousand welcomes on your return to the hallowed halls. I am not sure what Tiff meant when he said that the place was "quite" without you but I do know that the walls didnt reverb as much when the Thunder wasnt here....
  • Rob M STAFF, we haven't met formally.

    I am MCWHAMMER, and I am a newer member to the forum, so I do not know you that well. I am hoping to get to know everyone on the forum better, and I have already made plenty of new friends here.

    Welcome back, and hope to see your comments around the forum, I am sure you are just as helpful as our other staff members. :p