Final Fantasy XII
  • I've just started playing this game not too long ago. I really love it so far...except for one thing. The black screen of death. Well I'm in the Giza Plains to get a sunstone to activate the crescent stone I got from Old Dalan. However, everytime I switch areas from the Giza Plains to the Nomad Village the game messes up. The screen goes black to load the next area and then music for the next area starts playing. But that's stays black and the music just plays. It's like the game freezes up. I've done it several times and I don't know how to fix it.

  • Hi, sorry to hear about your gaming problem.
    There are really only a few things you can do. First off check to see if the disk is scratched. If you can see scratches in the light, then those aren't too bad as they are just surface scratches. The one you have to look for are the ones you can still see if when there isn't direct light shining on the disk. Those are deep scratches. If you have any of those then you need to either get your disk repaired or just take it back to where you got it from and get it exchanged for another copy.

    If the disk is fine and it's STILL happening, then there could just be a little dust on the lens of your console. Just open the tray and blow VERY gently to try to dislodge any dust that might be on there.

    Failing that, I don't know what to say.

    Maybe when Lyndon sees this, he'll have some other possible answers for you.

    Sorry, I couldn't be more helpful.

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  • You've covered all the bases there, Jay- for whatever reason there is something keeping the system from reading that portion of the disc. It is likely a scratch on the disc. If it was a matter of a dirty lens it would have kicked in being unplayable long before that portion.

    Your best options would be, if it is a scratched disc, to have it repaired (check around various game or music stores, there should be someone that offers this) or try to exchange it for another copy of the game wherever you bought it to.
  • Thanks guys! You've been helpful. I will see what I can do. I have one of those Disc Cleaning Doctor devices...would that work or would a game or music store have better equipment to clean the disc? Anyway thanks for all your help.
  • If it is a scratch that Disc Doctor won't do a thing for it- what the disc would need is a resurfacing which could be done at a used game store or some music stores (check your local yellow pages for "disc resurfacing" perhaps). It's more than just a cleaning. This fills in the scratch and makes the disc pretty much like new.

    If it is just from dirt/ fingerprints on the disc you can clean it using a soft cloth, wiping from the center of the disc outwards, being sure not to follow the grooves.
  • Unless you manage to get it to someone who do the whole "proper" disk repair thing. Basically the full service is this:
    First they kind of grind down the layer of the disk so that the deep scratch become a surface scratch
    Then they add a kind of surface liquid that fills in the surface scratch
    Then they just buff the disk to make it all shiny and newThat's the best service you can get. Some places only do the cosmetic cleaning, others do the full disk repair service, those are the ones you want to go to.
  • That won't damage the game? Sounds risky? But I don't really know how discs work...that's not exactly my area of speciality. I live in a small town but we do have a gamestop...does anyone know if they do the full disc repair?

    On another note about my problem...I recently heard a rumor that older versions of the PS2 (basically the big ones) can't handle the texture maps from FFXII, but the chip that handles this in the Slim PS2 models can because it's a better chip. I don't know what chip it is...I'm still trying to figure it out on different forums. Anyway the rumor is that since the old PS2s can't really handle the texture maps your game will freeze sometimes while loading areas (which is the problem I'm having...btw I have an old PS2 Series 30001R). Does anyone know if this info is legit? If so what can I do to solve this problem? Someone on a FFXII network forum said that you should be able to just replace the chip (I'm no electrician so I don't know how difficult that would be...or if it's even legal) so it has the same as the slim models. However I have no idea what this chip much it costs...or how to install it. Anyway I just wanted to know if anyone else has heard any of this and if they could verify if it is true or not.
  • No, it does not damage the discs. The coating will fill in where the scratch is, making it readable again to the laser. This is a full disc repair. As to whether your gamestop does it, well, you would have to ask them.

    Finally, that bit about the chips is crap- the slim PS2 has smaller chips but they are designed to be the exact same in purpose and power.
  • Thanks. That whole bit about the slim ps2 thing worried me and if it were true it was about to really tick me off. Anyway thanks for all the help. Hopefully I'll be able to get it fixed tomorrow.
  • Let us know how you get on, ok?

    As for damaging the disk, it won't damage the disk as there are so many layers to a disk, might be about 5 or 6 or 7, not sure exactly. Anyway, a disk can get repaired a hand full of times before it can no longer be repaired because basically it'll be like a brand new disk, no ups and downs, so to speak, for the laser to read.
    As a one off, it'll be fine.

    Anyway, as always, we're here to help :D
  • how long does it stay on that black screen?
  • Well when it comes to video games, I can be pretty impatient. So It stays black for about 1 to 1 1/2 minutes before I get frustrated and turn it off. However, one time I just let it ran, went out to eat at a place near my house and was gone for about 20-25 minutes and came back and it was still just a black screen with music playing.
  • well i guess waiting isn't the solution there it probably is scratches just get them taking care of.