Those already finished the game...
  • Hello, I'm back again.

    I bought the FF9 a couple of months ago but I haven't started playing it. I will start when I have the patience to.

    Just a question, from all of you that already finish the game, were you able to finish it in 12 hours to obtain the Excalibur?

    Best Regards from your friend in Europe.
  • I haven't even tried.
  • i tried it, but i didn't try hard enough.
  • I didnt bother, i needed my characters leveled up. The first excalibur isnt that good anyway, I think it's the Ragnorak that's the best weapon.
  • I did it on my 5th try. the trick is to skip the movies and dont do one sidequest till disk 4 I got there with 15minutes to spare:biggrin:
  • skip the movies?
  • By movies Daggers lover means the Active Time Events, not the actual FMVs.
  • the difficulty for me was when to gain experience from encounters.
  • yeah its pretty tough but I know if I can do it anyone can!!
  • Im trying to do it now , but im just past the earth shrine with 10:24 on the clock.
  • The question is, Is it really worth the trouble of getting the Excalibur II. It isn't even that powerful of a weapon. You miss alot of story this way unless this is your 2nd+ game.
  • the only reason square made this weapon is for you not to gett bored with your ff9 and to keep trying to get that dumb weapon what you should really be trying is getting the zues hammer or the save the queen so that you could see different endings
  • i think you should play the game with your own capability to finish it! If you finished it in 12 hrs., o my youll loose some story events.
  • Yeah, I did finish the game in 14 hours and my time in memoria was like 11h30min after beating Tiamat I got The Excalibur 2, this weapon is the best!!
  • I got the Excalibur 2 I got it when I have beaten this game in 5th time :2devilish: My Webpage