The Mist, it is Thick!
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    Firstly, cheers about figuring the guys name out Mel, I forgot. You're right it was Basche who I meant.

    Sooo, I now have all my six characters available. I still haven't decided who I should have as a first team and who I should have as like a reserve team.
    So all my characters are like at Level 22 at the moment, well apart from Fran and possibly Balthier who are at Level 21 but just about ready to Level Up.

    I'm currently messing around in the Ozmone Plains at the moment just outside Jagaram (think that's the right name. The village of the Garif anyway).
  • OoOo I knew it was Basche! Baschie rocks my socks!!

    Oh and by the way,
    it's Jahara (land of the Garif)

    By the way, what's this blind date thing you speak of? I'm so confused!

    Haha, I didn't even realize there was a clan present in Rabenastre until after I had been through the Nam Yensa Sandsea. At that time I got quite a few presents from Montblanc!:) It was like Christmas!!
  • that games awesome!!!! and long:D