stuck again on ff12
  • im stuck in the pharos tower on ff12, and they are asking me to give up one of my powers and ive tried them all. i made i almost to the top and i still dont know what to do. Please stuck in the second asscent/the bounds of truth.
  • Okay dlog, here is what I've come up with.

    I'm assuming you've reached the step for the four thresholds right? Here's a summary of what they do:

    Threshold of Wealth
    Party goes through the Third Ascent without being able to use items.

    Threshold of Steel
    Party goes through the Third Ascent without being able to use weapons

    Threshold of Magicks
    Party goes through the Third Ascent without using Magick.

    Threshold of Knowledge
    Party goes through the Third Ascent without using the map.

    Choose wisely which one you believe you could handle and then you must touch the altar of your respective door to unseal it. (i.e. The Altar of Knowledge for the Threshold of Knowledge) Then proceed through the door.

    Please let me know if this works out for ya.:)
  • thats the one i used
  • im stuck on second ascent trying to get to third how do you get there
  • thaas66 said:
    im stuck on second ascent trying to get to third how do you get there

    Read Melinda's post above. It describes the four altars. You must choose one to proceed.

    If you need more help than that, you must be more specific on exactly what trouble you are having.
  • im stuck on the part were you fight tiamant but i cant beat him.
  • Make sure to have Black Belts equipped and Tiamat will not be able to Disable most of your party members with Disablaga. He will sometimes Disable Larsa, so you need an Esuna gambit set to cure Larsa quickly since Larsa will be a huge help for this battle. Depend on Larsa for a lot of your curing, but be sure to set another curing gambit just in case. Have a Raise gambit set up to revive any fallen party member since you will most likely have a fallen person eventually thanks to Tiamat's sheer aggression. Tiamat will mainly attack physically, but will sometimes cast Aero on the whole party.

    It is a good idea to cast Decoy on your strongest party member and give him a shield to boost his evasion. Have a gambit set to cast Decoy on your most powerful character since Decoy wears off rather fast. Also, it's good to have Protect set up on that decoyed character. Decoy will keep Tiamat from picking on your defenseless party members since he tends to attack one at a time until he kills one off. Have someone equipped with a Katana and that person will be able to string together many hits while hitting Tiamat. The best way to attack Tiamat is through the use of physical attacks. When his life is low, Tiamat will start to hit the party with his Breath attack that will take off about 500 HP per hit and will randomly inflict Sap on a party member. Cure Sap by casting Regen on the afflicted party member or by using Esuna. You'll have to cast Regen manually since you don't have an "Ally: status = Sap" gambit yet. He will inflict Petrify very rarely on a party member, so have an Esuna gambit set for both this and Disable (Ally: any). His defense will rise tremendously once his HP is low so try to finish him off with a Quickening if at all possible to bring him to a quick death - this way you want have to deal with his Breath attack either. Don't cast any spells with your main attacker and have him start off the Quickening so the other party members can hopefully gain a Mist Charge during his Quickening animation.
  • all right wen i go into the battle i use a quickining but i only hit once. how can i hit more times. and were do i get a Katana and i dont no were decoy is on the thing that teaches moves 2 ur charicter.

    P.s. is there any cheats for FFXII