Happy Birthday Manne!!!!!!
  • Now this is either a day late, day early or right lol - but i know its his birthday near my sisters and hers is tomorrow so

    Happy burfday to you mr manne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have lots of cake and beer and enjoy yourself!!!!
  • Thanks Janey (and anyone who who will feel obliged to post after this).
    29 is really not that much of a mile-stone and the b-day passed quietly by.
    A funny thing happend when I went to buy tobacco though, I had to show my ID (you must be 18+ years old). I guess I'm still fresh as a teenager huh.:)
  • Habbe Berfdai, dood. :p
  • happy birthday have a good one
  • A somewhat belated happy birthday magnus. Best try to cut back on the ciggies so we can say that more. ;)
  • yo man, happy birthday, who cares if i hardly know you!
  • Hey Manne! Sorry about the waay belated birthday wishes, but in any case..happy birthday!

    Hope you had a nice day with your family.:) I was intending on coming by for a visit, but seeing as how you have German shepherds that were intended to kill (see Santa Claus thread)...I decided I had better not.
  • Thanks again all.
    It's nice to see that you all have nothing better to do that to care about me ;)

    I'd like to make two corrections though.
    Lyn: It's not cigarettes, its wet tobacco, SNUS as we call it in Sweden.
    Mel: That dog is long gone and buried. We used to have a Jack russel but had to give that away when we moved.

    There, straight records.
    Have a nice day y'all.