Has anybody not updated their PS3 to 1.54?????
  • i am still having problems trying to update to 1.54 via the internet
  • You should have been able to connect and get downloaded by now, dancer. You may want to try redoing your connection settings on the PlayStation 3 or check for any other changes.
  • my settings are all good its at 100%
  • what do you mean changes???
  • did you know i got my ps3 the first day it came out 11/17/06
  • Congratulations- have a cookie. :p

  • do you think that's why it's not updating???
  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    Congratulations- have a cookie.



    That's the funniest thing I've seen on this forum since my last post. Booyakasha.

    I don't know why dancer is having these problems, But I also wonder why he hasn't tried to purchase a $7 dollar usb memory stick yet. I think that would fix all of his problems very quickly.

    Notice I talk about him like he isn't here.

    Sorry dancer, I know you are frustrated with Sony right now, but I think there is a better way to solving this problem than double and triple posting on the forum and clogging it up requesting help. Don't take this the wrong way, I am not trying to attack you, I am simply explaining that we've helped all we can as of yet, so please listen to our suggestions and try them.

    You may be surprised when you find out what's been wrong, it may just be the simplest thing. Have you tested your internet connection on the ps3 internet connection settings page?
  • I can think of only one last idea- i had to do this earlier today with a router to get another computer back online. Unplug the power from the router for a few seconds and then plug it in again. This should reset things and hopefully get the connection working normally to the PS3 again.

    MC is right about the triple posting, though, it doesn't speed things up any. ;)
  • should i still unplug the router and plug it back in?
  • dancer said:
    should i still unplug the router and plug it back in?

    Yes, I would give that a try as well dancer. It seems to refresh the router, and gives it a new ip address as well. I sometimes have to do this if the router stalls out when I am surfing the internet.

    It always works for me.

    Have you mentioned what brand of router you have (Out of curiosity)?
  • i have a D-Link wireless G Router
  • thanks everybody i never thought unplugging my router and plugging it back in would do the trick amazing!!!!;)
  • i'll remember this for next time thanks for all your help especially that unplug your router intel;)
  • It worked?! Great! I told ya, it could be something so simple just like that :D.

    I sincerely hope you do not have to experience so much trouble the next time you need to update your system. Good luck with your router, and I'm glad you are back in business.