Call of Duty 2- Jump?
  • hi
    my husband is trying to play the "Call of duty 2" game on our Playstation 2.
    he is completely new at this and is getting frustrated because he can't make the guy "jump" over a wall :redface: can anyone tell us what buttons he needs to push?
  • I am not familiar with the game but I was able to find the control scheme for the game, you may already know this from the instructions (or if your like me and never read them) :redface:

    X Button - Use/Select

    O Button - Crouch/Lay Down

    Triangle Button - Higher Body Position
    Square Button - Reload

    Start - Pause

    Select - Objectives

    D Up - Change Weapon

    D Down - Change Weapon

    D Left - Lean Left

    D Right - Lean Right

    Left Stick - Move

    Right Stick - Move Crosshair

    R1 - Shoot

    R2 - Melee Attack

    L1 - Aim

    L2 - Throw Grenade (Hold to cook)

    I hope this helps some, I will keep lookin' for specific "jump" info.
  • If he can't jump over a wall he probably isn't supposed to. Find a way to go around.
  • Dan
    thank you for your effort, it is appreciated.
  • bill, thank you for your effort as well, his only comment was the walls are so short that one would think you could jump them?