I need help with ps3 wireless. Please!!!
  • I have a 60g PS3 with upgrade 1.54 and a Linksys WRT54G version 4. The first night I got my PS3 the wireless worked fine. I scanned for the SSID and it found it with no problem. I was playing Resistance online and downloaded games with no problem. The next time I turned on my playstation it wouldn't connect. It fails to obtain a IP address. I've tried to set up the connection manually,reset the router, update firmware, adjust settings for the router but nothing works. The little green wireless icon on the PS3 doesn't even light up. I've tried peoples tips in the forums for settitng up the connection but I can't figure it out. Nothing is working. My laptop connects to the router perfectly fine. If any one has any ideas, please let me know. Thanks!
  • I have since formatted my hard drive. Now when I enable the internet connection I get a error message (80010201) Any ideas?
  • try unplugging and plugging the router back in, it worked for me when the ps3 wouldn't update thanks Lyndon;)
  • I've tried, it doesn't work!
  • I will pay whoever can solve my problem! No b.s. Help me and I will help you.
  • Hey huey. I had the same problem. My PS3 couldn't find an IP address one day. I tried everything. I got it once but it didn't connect to the internet. What eventually worked was I changed the setting of "Automatically obtain IP address" to entering it manually. I just gave it it's own IP address and it now it has no problem getting online. The only hangup was obtaining the IP address. So I gave it one. Make sure you know what your doing when you give it one. What I entered for mine was I took the number on my router and changed the last set of numbers from 1 to 251. It looked something like this: xxx.xxx.x.251 Let me know how that works.
  • Huey, if you have a look in the PSP hardware section I have a how- to for getting it online. It's pretty much the same process for the PS3.