• how do i get out of the pump room in level 8?(the oil rig level) I fill up my Q jet but where do i go from there I have a feeling im supposed to go up through those cutouts in the ceiling but i cant seem to get up there. Can anyone help?
  • Okay, and just for anyone who doesn't know what the heck this guy is talking about it is level 8 in agent under fire

    Once you start the pumps in the room upstairs on the left, if you are facing away from where you came in, you then must use your q-claw to get onto the catwalk that is opposit the room where you turn the pumps on in(on the far wall). there will be one pump going up and down right in front of you. Jump onto it as soon as it has gone down past you. Then when the pump gets to the very top use your q-jet to get onto the floor in the top room there.

    I hope that this helps, and if you need further clarification just let me know.