A new view of the planet Saturn
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    (Associated Press) A view of Saturn captured by the Cassini spacecraft. Taking in the rings in their entirety was the focus of this particular imaging sequence released by NASA, 01 March 2007. (AFP/NASA-HO/File)

    Gosh, it just doesn't even look real does it? I posted this photo in hopes that our members would want to discuss the planets, space, and the rest of the universe we can only see through a telescope.

    I'll start off this discussion.

    As a kid, I remember asking for a telescope for Christmas one year. I had probably seen someone using one in a Disney movie, and that was what sparked my enthusiasm for space. Sure enough, I got one for Christmas, and I truly do remember that it was no good from the day I got it :(.

    I don't know where my parents bought it, but it was certainly not the top of the line brand. Heck, I don't know what the top of the line telescopes even cost these days. Anyway, when I looked through the lens of that telescope, I expected the sky to be magically magnified millions of times...
    Of course, the only thing I saw was a big moon. Bummer.

    NASA, on the other hand, is constantly sending new satellites into space, and are always taking beautiful new pictures of our far-away neighboring planets. What an exciting job that must be. The photo developer dude for NASA. Ha ha ha.

    I wish there were easier ways to keep up with news about space, and maybe I haven't looked around the net enough to discover a good website about that, but I am interested in what is going on out there. Are you as curious about Space as I am?
  • my teacher told me to look up in the sky between 6:00 and 7:00 pm tomorrow cause like 5 or 6 planets are gonna align or something like that she says its going to look really cool i might take a glance at it
  • dancer said:
    my teacher told me to look up in the sky between 6:00 and 7:00 pm tomorrow cause like 5 or 6 planets are gonna align or something like that she says its going to look really cool i might take a glance at it

    Cool, I will have to do just that :) Now I just need to know where to look... wonder if it will be very visible to the naked eye, or if it is a telescope-necessary thing?
  • is that a REAL picture??
  • sombulus said:
    is that a REAL picture??

    It is actually, straight from NASA's website nasa.gov. It is simply amazing.
  • I think what dancer is talking about is a lunar eclipse that is coming today. The best view of it will be on the other side of the Atlantic but we will see a bit of it at about 5:44 PM eastern.

    That picture looks more like something out of their library of CG animated clips. Still, guess we should expect some loss of quality sending the data all that distance.
  • i live in New York and she just said look up at the sky from 6:00 to 7:00pm and it will look amazing:o
  • Last I remember, isn't it bad to look at a lunar eclipse? Or is it a solar eclipse where you go blind?
  • Well, Lyndon was right, it was a lunar eclipse. It was pretty neat, I have never seen one before. As the moon rose in the sky tonight, a shadow moved across the moon, just like it would in a solar eclipse.

    Except a lunar eclipse is when the Earth moves in front of the moon. Ofter a period of about an hour or more, I kept checking up on it outside, and the shadow on the moon did in fact change colors as it passed across. At one point, it was reddish. I don't know why, but it was very interesting. This is the kind of time when ya need a telescope. :(

    Ah well. I got a pretty good look at it. Oh, and Melinda, its a solar eclipse that makes you go blind if you stare at it. I don't know why anyone would stare at the sun for long periods of time, but it's pretty much a bad idea. This lunar eclipse was harmless, and was just a circular shadow that moved across the moon. Neato!
  • I remember a couple of years ago when there was solar eclipse. It was pretty awesome to look at but it didn't make me blind (not that I promote people to stare at the sun but if at any time there was a less chance of going blind, I'd say it was during an eclpise).

    About that picture. I Belive that it might have been taken with a slow shutter speed, maybe several minutes. That would explain the odd smoothness and high contrast of the picture. Sorry to say I'm not that amazed about space. I remember when I was younger, I made my first attempts of grasping the dimensions of the solar system and going into these introspective daydreaming states. Today I've come to turns with mainly two things. That the "everything" is made out of mostly dust, common simple matters or nothing at all, and secondly that the human mind has no capability of dealing with dimensions of intragalactical numbers. So I pretty much keep my thoughts down to earth.
  • what day was it??? cuz if it was thursday between 5 & 7 we had nothing but tornadoes?