• Look at the picture & list the bands you see, be careful as there are a few that double up on the same image. Give others ideas where the band is by telling what part of the picture they are. Have fun as there are some very hard ones

  • 1. Green Day (calendar bottom right)
    2. U2 (on building middle right)
    3. White Zombie (middle left)
    4. White Snake (Below right of Virgin Digital Logo)
    5. Blur (next to girl in bondage middle right)
    6. Alice in Chains (next to blurred guy middle right)

    Get the idea, only 69 more to go, continue the numbers down & no repeating
  • I'm gonna take a crack at the most obvious

    7 Queen (with pink d!ld*s)
    8 Gorillaz (Can't miss em)
    9 Led Zeppelin (That blimp is clearly ledish gray)
    10 Scissor sisters (The pink scissors below the hammer man who is...)
    11 Smashing Pumpins
    12 Guns 'n Roses (on the chart behind the Queen)
    13 Eagles (to the center right)
    14 Pixies (above the zombie=
    15 Madonna (painting in window right of zombie)
    16 Prince (getting mugged by the queen)
    17 Matchbox 20 (behind the prince)
    18 Eminem (well atleast some m and m's)
    19 Eels (between queen and prince)
    20 Black Flag (right building in the background, above boulder)

    (This is a great thread Chris, thanks :D )
  • 21. Rolling Stones (Coming up the middle of the street)
    22. Hole (Middle of the street)
    23. Garbage (Below the hole)
    24. Ratt (Below the garbage)
    25. B-52's (Flying high)
    26. Beach Boys (Below the eagles between the lamposts) not so sure about that one... could be B___hole Surfers too.
    27. Dead Kennedys (Left of Madonna)
    28. Black Crows (on the Main street sign between the lamposts)
    29. Iron Maiden (in the crosswalk)
  • This is gonna keep me up all night. Let's have a look at the fruit stand.

    30. Corn
    31. Red hot chili peppers
    32. Lemonheads
    33. Blind Melon (hence the shades)

    Other than that I spot

    34. Manic Street Preachers (in white, above queens head)
    35. Dinosaur JR (Behind the queens behind)
    36. Yellowman (beneith the shop sign)
    37. Crowded House (the windows behind the eagles)

    Then there are a few I'm uncertain about, so correct me if I'm wrong

    38. Carpenters (I think I see a hammer in the hand of one of the guys on the roof top)
    39. Phish (In the bowl)
    40. Deep Purple (The building is purple, and it is deep in the background?)
  • 41. Dollar - the big silver dollar
    42. Cornershop - the er Shop on the street corner...
    43. The white stripes .... the crosswalk?
    44. The Streets...the whole thing

    this aint easy
  • 45. Cowboy Junkies - by the streetlight on the right
    46. Hothouse Flowers - on the cart
  • 2 more to add, just to keep you going

    47. Match Box 20 (next to goldfish bowl)
    48. Seal (poster of a seal over the Zombie's head)
  • Magnus A STAFF said:
    I'm gonna take a crack at the most obvious

    17 Matchbox 20 (behind the prince)

    :p Already spotted that one C.

    Can we change 47 to apply to "The Police" (the two officers beneith the left rolling stone)

    Then I'd like to make general guesses about certai objects that I'm uncertain of. If anyone feel confident about affirming them, please do so with a number, OK?!

    The sewage has some sort of tentacles comming out of it, I'm thinking "Urban Slug" but it just desn't seem right. Then the sky, it is "Pink" isn't it? I don't know if one thing can be several bands, but if so the gorillas can also be called "The Monkeys", right?
    Then there are a number of objects I can't see well enough or simply can't connect to a band. I'll list them just incase someone hasn't spotted them. There is the diamond neckless under the fruit-n-veg stand (next to some boxes containing a number of hard to identify things. Then there are the Acrobats (anyone heard of such a band?), the guitar case carrying mafioso guys, the three superhero:ish girls, the lezzis by the lamp post and above them a number of boards painted in different colors, the guy with the beatbox on the crosswalk, the inflatable doll in the shop window. Around the cowboys there is some graffiti saying ?BGG or BOG or B06 and in the window something that looks like the brady bunch? And what is that black thing behind the lamp post beneith the flag? And what's whith the mountain, the giant tea spoon and the car jam? Is that a shark on the advertisment behin the yellow man? And what about the bubble-gum girl above the virgin sign?

    Well, hope I've woken your curiosity, let's get this thing solved now.
  • 69. Whitesnake (on the traffic lights)
    50. Kiss (under the snake)
    51. Korn (between the melons & the lemons)

    That's all I'm prepared to look for, for now. This hurts the eyes.
  • Gnowze! Nice to see you... ...get to use the computer at the nut-house.

    Sorry to say I already spotted Korn (even though I've misspelled it, no.30) and Tiff gave us White Snake at no.4. So I'll just go ahead and put Kiss (well spotted there BTW) in at no.49.

    I've been sitting with this all night now and I think I have some new ones.

    50. Pink (the sky is most definitly that color)
    51. Nine Inch Nails (the pile behind the prince's behind [thought that was straws for a very long time])
    52. The Bee Gees (the writing on the wall, could also be enterpreted BiGGie as in Biggie Smalls)
    53. Spoon (the great spoon, turns out there is a band called that)
    54. Cypress Hill (the hill with the tree. I was going for Big Mountain but the tree set me straight)
    55. The Killers (The mafioso guys. I'm uncertain about this but they do look like hitmen)
    56. The Sex Pistols (the d!ld* guns of the queen, can't see how I missed that one)
  • They don't let us near live electronics in here, but fortunately one of the patients thinks she's a computer and another thinks he's a modem. Whenever I get them together, I'm able to come in here to be the thorn in the shoe of this happy little community.


    57. Radiohead (How did we miss that one?)
    58. Jewel (to the right of the fysh)

    Took me less than a minute to spot these, then spent another 20 finding nothing.
  • 59. Great White - the shark poster beyond the yellow man?
  • I've taken the liberty of inserting numbers to the bands we've found. Might help in locating areas unsolved (might also help jam up the bandwidth)
    The Bands

    1. Green Day
    2. U2
    3. White Zombie
    4. White Snake
    5. Blur
    6. Alice in Chains
    7. Queen
    8. Gorillaz
    9. Led Zeppelin
    10. Scissor sisters
    11. Smashing Pumpins
    12. Guns 'n Roses
    13. Eagles
    14. Pixies
    15. Madonna
    16. Prince
    17. Matchbox 20
    18. Eminem
    19. Eels
    20. Black Flag
    21. Rolling Stones
    22. Hole
    23. Garbage
    24. Ratt
    25. B-52's
    26. Beach Boys / Butthole Surfers
    27. Dead Kennedys
    28. Black Crows
    29. Iron Maiden
    30. Korn
    31. Red hot chili peppers
    32. Lemonheads
    33. Blind Melon
    34. Manic Street Preachers
    35. Dinosaur JR
    36. Yellowman
    37. Crowded House
    38. Carpenters
    39. Phish
    40. Deep Purple
    41. Dollar
    42. Cornershop
    43. The White Stripes
    44. The Streets
    45. Cowboy Junkies
    46. Hothouse Flowers
    47. The Police
    48. Seal
    49. Kiss
    50. Pink
    51. Nine Inch Nails
    52. The Bee Gees
    53. Spoon
    54. Cypress Hill / Big Mountain
    55. The Killers
    56. The Sex Pistols
    57. Radiohead
    58. Jewel
    59. Great White

    That leaves 16 more bands :g:
    Let's get cracking :bash:
  • 60. The Monitors - the stack of TVs in the uu shop
    61. The Cars - the ... er...cars
  • 61. The Cars, or perhaps, Traffic?
    62. Twisted Sister(s)? - The acrobats
    63. The Runaways - The three chicks running between #'s 21 and 22
    64. Blondie - Blowing a bubble on the fire escape over the Virgin digital sign
    65. The Faces/Small faces - on The Monitors
    66. Cranberries - in the crates next to Jewel

    What's the deal with the mailman and the mailbox? I just can't connect it to a band. And, there just has to be Concrete Blonde and Gene loves Jezebel in there somewhere, don'tcha think?

    Also, the big coin clearly says "Half Dollar" on the bottom, I think it's for Fifty Cent.
  • Ok Jerry - I will give you 50 Cent for the Dollar ;)

    67. The Doors - multicoloured beside 34
    68. The Postal Service - the mailbox and mail man?
    69. Jacks Mannequin - the bikini clad doll in shop?
  • 70. Wings (on several birds)
    71. Hammerfall (smashing the pumpkins, swedish metal band)
    72. Pavement (here and there)
    73. The Boxtops (OK, it's far fetched but still the boxes are stacked on top of each other)

    Well spotted on the doors there Rory, may I suggest that they are a case of "Colour me bad" as well, and were it not for the fact that there are 4 of them you could say that there are "Three doors down"
  • 74. The Apes .... i know that its the Gorrillaz but Tiff said they could double up...
    75. The Girls ...the 3 girls in front of the rock?

    is that it? can I quit torturing myself now? please?
  • No, it's never enough. We gotta set a new highscore.

    76. The Vines (The things comming up from the sewers)
    77. Kinks (on the snake and on the twisted sisters)
    78. The Darkness (right of the spoon)

  • 79. Ace (the kind of bandage on the guy's arm who's smashing the pumpkins)
    80. The Vapors (the trails left behind the B-52's)
    81. SPUDS (In the 'tater sack next to the Cranberries)
    82. Tool (The sledge in the guy's hands who's smashing the pumpkins)

    Where is Cake and The Scorpions? Shouldn't they be in something like this?
  • 83. Rush (what the three girls are doing)
    84. Rob Zombie (A combo of what the queen is doing and the undead man ;), ok maybe not)
    85. Suede (what the cow-girl's dress is made of)
    86. Jet (the type of engine of the B-52's)
    87. Subway (next to the cowboys)
    88. Skid row (The neighbourhood: garbage, holes, muggings and junkies)
    89. The Shadows (here and there)
  • yer dint white zombie split up then 1 of em became rob zombie
  • Perhaps Queen is holding up Prince with

    90. Shiny Toy Guns

    Or, alternatively...

    91.Velvet Revolver
  • Lol, Kentuck...I think it's the Sex Pistols that the Queen is using on the Prince.;)
  • Crap, good point. The one pistol-related band I'm less-than-familiar with.
  • :D hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    thank you