End of an Era for Tiff
  • Today it sadden me that I dragged to Gamestation the final collection of my Playstation 1 games & consoles apart from the GT, RE, Silenthill, Wipeout & Tomb Raider Collection & some puzzle games for a final trade in to save space for a future things (no not a PS3 but something that may come in 14-18 months time)

    I took a large suitcase of 55+ mint condition PS1 games, an original fully working mint 1000 series PS1 with a load of gear inc. multi taps, mouse, g-con gun etc. I also gave up the very last of my megadrive/genesis machines & collection:crybaby:

    I got a nice bit of in-house cash trade in for it & bought a few purchases that I needed for the PSP, PS2 & the DS for Jane.

    On a more positive note a guy who I know who works there grabbed my PS1 game collection & found FFVII & VIII and told me that i couldn't trade them in & he wouldn't allow me to do so due to the games were 100% mint, not a single finger mark & still smelt of fresh print on the manuals and worth a bit at that for a private buyer as I would have only got 50p for them off themselves. He wanted me never to come in again with FFVII for trade in & to keep it as an investment for the future. I did leave FFIX there as he said it wasn't one of the major collectors, but after an hour browsing the shelves for new titles I saw it again in the rack & if it's still there next week I'm buying it back (unless the other guy who works there who looks like Simon Pegg has blagged it for himself)
  • I never was the collecting type, that is, I never had that much money to spend in order to build up a grand collection. Still, when my girlfriend sold off my PS1 at a yardsale (this was after I gor got my PS2 and the system were really just standing there collecting dust) I felt like beating up the guy who bought it and then my girlfriend (not literally).

    However, as you may come to realise in the 14-18 months (no puns about the enceinte time of different livestock) the things a man treasures in life can change drastically. You may come to realise that some things are just pieces of plastic while others are more, who to put it, real.

    Good luck with that project. :D
  • he means a dog!!!!!!!!!!!
  • You know something Jane, having known the being called Mr C Norman this long, I have absolutely no doubts that he would have meant a dog. But his maths are [U]seriously[/U] wrong :o
  • Jane S STAFF said:
    he means a dog!!!!!!!!!!!

    ....and here I figured that ya'll were working on getting your gaming clan started up.:harhar: