My Brilliant Idea
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    I had a fab birthday. Tiff outdid himself on the pressie side. Nine Inch Nails DVD, Bring it on DVD, Animal Kingdom for the Ds and a U2 hardback book. Me spoiled??Anyways - my brilliant idea - Me and Tiff have been told to choose 3 pieces of music for the ceremony. One for me to walk into - one for signing the register and one to walk out.So the one i wanted to walk into has the word church in so they wont let me have it. Our signing one is orion by metallica and i want goo goo dolls iris for the walking out one.
  • the theme to silent hill and you are getting married in whitby.... you wearing a red and black dress by any chance?

    i think its a cracking idea, i mean the scariest thing about getting married will be the entrence tune - that will take a load of pressure off...or make the guests p!ss themselves :o
  • YES, red and balck tartan but dont tell tiff

    Getting married in wigan not whitby but still as scary!!!!