Funny Picture from Resistance: F.O.M.
  • On the last level of "Resistance: Fall of Man" for PS3, I was running around with my LAARK (Rocket Launcher) and spotted one of those silly Chimeras comin' at me.

    I took the chance to shoot him to a height of about 15 feet in the air. When he landed, I saw that he was in a rather peculiar position. Knowing that you guys and gals would enjoy seeing it, I snapped a picture of the predicament. The poor alien-thing was just trying to breakdance, and I had to go and kill him. :(


    I'm sure his brotha's will get me back... in Resistance 2: Rise of Man... ;)
  • nice photo mcwhammer !
  • Thanks :). Sorry it's a little pixelated, but it is hard to take a picture of my TV screen. Wonder why that is? It always has been...

    That was a funny moment, it was great that it happened right near the end of the game. I got my payback :p