help needed also a helicopter would be nice
  • i need help catching the drug dealer guy at the sun ray hotel mission
  • It always helps to add the title of the game, plus some additional facts on what exactly you are experiencing as a problem.
    In this case I recon the game is SCARFACE (some friendly mod might be able to edit this into the title of this post).

    The things you can do to make this a bit easier is to park a car outside the hotel. A rattler will do fine. Note that the car sometimes de-spawns. You could also call up your driver and ask him to deliver your fastest car before you talk to the dealer. You should be aware that there is a 4-wheel drive beside the stairs that you can use as a last resort. Hopefully you can take the guy out before he reaches the chopper.

    If not, try to jump the cargo ships while shooting down the chopper.
    I've heard of a stunt preformed at this stage that might work. If you drive of one ship, quickly call up a boat and if it gets there in time you should have no problem shhoting down the chopper.

    Good luck.