• hello,

    can someone help me out to get my ally Ungada.
    I`ve build op the house of the three sisters, pleased them withethere wisches but nothing happend. Only two of the sisters are complete, the other one is still in an atla in the sun and moon temple but that`s after i passed level nine.
    so i cannot go any further because i need Ungada. Can anyone please tell me what to do?

  • Ungaga should join you after completing lvl 9 of the temple. You state that you did so, wasn't there a cut scene were Ungaga talked to you?

    Anyhow, here is a checklist for 3 sisters completion:
    • Nagita
    • Devia
    • Mikara
    • Mini Totem Pole
    • Cabin
    • Odds and Ends
    You could try to (provided that you have a save that allows it) go back and rebuild 3 sisters and replay the temple levels, taking your time to make sure you don't miss anything.