Lego Starwars Episode IV (A New Hope) Chapter 2
  • Help!

    We have done everything except to collect one minikit canister that is on a ledge with three boulders underneath. Looks as if you should be able to be a Jedi and jump up, but we can't - we've also tried climbing the ledge opposite to jump across, but with no success.

    Can you help.

  • This would be the one in the area that you start drying out the mud pits? There is a grapple point you can build to reach it. You will need to use the force to move the hook into place.
  • Actually, this is the minikit you can only get by blowing up some boulders on the right a ways before getting to this point. There is a canyon you need to fly over with R2D2, and this will take you into a secret area. This can only be done in Free Play. Once you get to the end of the secret area, there are three bad guys there. Kill them, and then turn into R2D2. You can the fly across and get ths minikit.
  • I think its this chapter (Jundland Waste) there is a minikit that I can clearly see near the top of a big brown building. It looks like its behind a blue force field, but we can't force it or jump to it - it looks like there might be a wicket door in there but can't see how to get at it.