Shrek 2 Spooky Forest
  • We get all 4 characters across the bridge but there are 3 mice and 3 lumps of cheese - the mice keep falling into the water and we keep having to start again - we can't kill the mice of get rid of the cheese - what are we supposed to do?
  • Looking through some info here and there seemsto be several bridges to cross in this level. How far into the level is this particular spot?

    BTW feel free to just use the PS2 game help section to ask game questions now, Karen. ;)
  • You need to change into Shrek go up to the mice and pick them up (either triangle or circle) take them to the bridge, try circle to point your Circle and then let go. Make sure that they are going to fall upon the land - otherwise you die! Do to all 3 mice and then get everyone else over. Its tricky to get them all over - I get severly frustrated!!!
  • sre76 - my 6yo son worked out a different way! He changed to Donkey straight away, crossed/jumped the bridge and kicked down the
    tree before the mice finished eating the cheese. All the other characters could then cross.