• Has anybody got any tips for a game called summoner for ps2 or timesplitters future perfect (also ps2)? Thanks all,

    Mavvy UK:cool: :p
  • i bought summoner 2 and played it a little but i never was actually inerested in it
  • I have played TS Future Perfect. To be honest the series would have be perfect if they had left it at TS2 but....:mad:

    Anyhow what areas are you having problems with mavvy?
  • Well,

    this might sound a bit sad but I wanted to unlock all characters and to do so I think you have to get GOLD in all of the CHALLENGES...:mad: :mad: :mad:

    I find it almost impossible! Did you manage to complete this?
  • Nope, I never finished out all the challanges, because to be quite honest it bored me. I bought TS:FP for the multiplayer deathmatches and whilst I did complete all the challanges to at least Bronze to give a few more options, I never had the time, nor the inclination, to complete it to 100% :eek: