Motorstorm online update broken ?
  • has anyone from Europe had problems updating motorsform on fhe PS3 ?

    mine gets to about 10% and then displays an error message
  • update....

    problem was at my end.

    PS3 wireless connection was dropping out every now and again which was causing the problem. When I connected using a cable directly into my router the problem disappeared.

    Wireless connection would allow me to connect to the PlayStation network and log in. I could surf the Internet on the PS3 browser, download games from the PlayStation store... just not upload game updates from within a game, or play playstation3 games online.

    not sure if this is a common wireless connection problem on the PS3 ?
  • It is actually a somewhat common thing, Jim- I've seen a number of people on different forums having crappy wireless connections even with the router being no farther than the room next door. The wifi card in the PS3 is, for lack of a better word, crap. I recommend using wired connection if at all possible.
  • Too bad the update didn't fix the fact that Motorstorm "offline play" is the most annoying thing in the world to play.

    Why oh why is there no button you can press to respawn your car? How many times have I gotten stuck in a tree, on an invisible rock, or ended up with a car that sits on its side for 3 minutes before respawning. If I started counting the times right now, this would end up being the longest thread on the forum.

    Can you tell I am not very happy with this videogame? :mad:
  • i have had some problems getting hung up on rocks (usually after being blindsided by an idiotic CPU player) but I was never stuck for 3 minutes. If i get too fetched up i restart the race to try again.

    Jim and myself attempted to hook up for some online play as both the North American and UK version of the game have servers in place for Australia. For whatever reason, however, we just couldn't get together- he continually showed as offline when i went in- game, making me think they were still separate servers. I'm going to try something here and see if it works- back when the ID reservation site was running I made myself a UK- based name. Maybe (just maybe) it will work.
  • A workaround for your motorstorm problem is to just hold down the BOOST button on the joypad untill it overloads and blows up the vehicle, you can do this in about 10-15 seconds and it respawns you somewhere safe.

    Not great, but better than a 3 minute wait !
  • Doesn't the select button work online?
  • True, the select button is used to reset your vehicle on the track when things like that happen. have you tried that, MC?
  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    True, the select button is used to reset your vehicle on the track when things like that happen. have you tried that, MC?

    No, I didn't know that Lyndon, and chrissy. Thanks for informing me of that. I am currently in the hospital for an undisclosed amount of time, so who knows when I'll be able to play any Motorstorm again.

    *I had to have a blood transfusion (3 bags) because of low blood and iron levels, so now I am just laying here waiting for more tests to find out why I was so low. I never dreamed that I would be in here, but when I went to the doctor on Friday afternoon, he told me to go straight to the hospital :(. So here I am now. Please pray for me guys, I've been thinking about everyone on the forum, and am glad that my laptop connects to the hospitals network all right... I'll type more when I feel up to it.*
  • Hope you make a full and speedy recovery MCWHAMMER, take care
  • chrissyboy said:
    Hope you make a full and speedy recovery MCWHAMMER, take care

    Well, I think I'm starting to feel a little better. They released me from the hospital this morning, so I am just laying here at home typing now. Thanks for your kind wishes.
  • glad your feeling better
  • dancer said:
    glad your feeling better

    Thank you sir. I am already back at work, albeit on light-duty. The doctors have come to the diagnosis that I have a stomach disease called Colitis. It basically is something that will flare up now and again, and it became bad enough to the point of where my stomach was bleeding. I had no idea I was losing blood, but that's exactly what was happening to me.

    It's amazing that you can live with a disease for decades and not even know it. It just came out of nowhere for me. My mother and father both have stomach/reflux diseases, so I simply inherited a form of it from them.

    What does all this have to do with the Motorstorm online update? Absolutely nothing :) But who cares, at least someone is taking the time to type a message on this forum.
  • so does everyone agree the ps3 wireless function is crap and i should use the cable becuse it keeps going off line very annoying
  • We agree 110%, dynamic- if at all possible use a wired ethernet connection for best results.
  • cheers for help new to this forum thing used cable last night stayed online lovely resistance is a bit mad eh!!