mulitplayer online from one console
  • i have 3 controllers for the ps3, and want to know if it is possible to go online into the playstation network with all 3 players at the same time from my console against others in cyberspace, or can i only logon one player at a time from one console.
  • Which game are you trying to do this on Booker... I would guess that its only limited by the games themselves rather than the Playstation Network.

    Also whats your PS3 online name, so we can add you to our friends list... you can add it here: and we will hook up for a game.
  • If you are trying to play resistance fall of man split-screen online multiplayer on the PS3, then the answer sadly is that it cannot be done at the moment.

    While many people are saying the the reason for them not allowing this is because if you could do this you and your friend could just sit in a game and kill each other to rank up and get medals, however this is not the case.

    Multiple players on 1 PS3 increases the amount of data traffic to and from your PS3 and therefore on server that allows 40 players, the chance of problems caused by LAG (stuttering, or players disappearing and reappearing) would be far higher.
  • motor storm is the only one i have played online so far, so are you saying i set up sub accounts for the playstation network on ps3 andthat i can sign into them all at the same time,

  • No, b00ker- only one account can be signed into at a time. Just about all games will only let one person online at a time on a single PS3. At present there is no way to do more than one person online.
  • thanks, hopefully they will consider it soon soyou dont have to have split screens for multi player!
  • This would have nothing to do with splitscreen offline multiplayer. There isn't going to be any avoiding that. Some games may have LAN support in the future (don't quote that as fact, I'm speculating here) but you would need a PS3 and a TV as well as a copy of the game for each player.

    Simply put, if you want to play your friends online they will have to get their own PS3s and PSN IDs.