PS Network games Vs. Blu-Ray games
  • [CENTER]Which do you think has more potential in the next couple of years, and which are you excited to see more of?

    Playstation 3 Network Store - Downloadable games or PS3 Blu-Ray Disc games?

    You can answer in the Poll above, and elaborate with a reply.

    For me, I think that PS3 Downloadable games have a lot of potential right now, and if developers really kicked it into higher gear, we would be seeing some amazing things come from the service. Blu-ray games that you buy at the store are very expensive, and I don't think we will ever see that kind of pricing for the PS Network games. It will be hard to purchase a ton of PS3 games, with their current pricing, and it will probably come down to (for me) just buying more games I know will be successful, and less of buying games that are new to me.

    I think both outlets for gaming will expand, and they will become close competitors eventually, but for the next year or two, I am going to be saving my money more by purchasing off the network.[/CENTER]
  • I love the idea of buying a game that constantly updates and upgrades... kind of like Half-Life 2 where they released a core games and then produce a new episode every year.

    Gran Turismo is a great example of what can be done to speed up the time it takes for new games to come out by making it something that grows over time.

    8MB Broadband is becoming more common (and cheap) in the UK, so downloading a 1GB game episode is no big deal any more.

    I think there is a definate opening for stripped down multiplayer games that can be downloaded in the playstation store.
  • Something screwy going on here- the thread list showed last post as today but the post itself says March 26, 2007? Ah well.

    As broadband internet access gets more accessible to more people the potential for games via digital distribution is increasing, at least as far as making additions goes. Looking at the size of some games now (Metal Gear Solid 4 taking up a 50 GB Blu-Ray disc as an example) we likely will not be seeing the end of actual hard copies anytime soon (plus that would really p.o. the stores that sell their consoles).
  • I think both have the same potential. I mean blu-ray gives developers enough disk-space, and therefore endless opportunity to create and do whatever they wish with a game. This may hopefully be apparent with MGS4...:)

    As for downloadable games, there is also endless opportunities you can fit into a download. Its a new and exciting way to purchase your games, and certainly appeals to me hugely. Also, the convienience of having it on your HDD is a big advantage. And of course the price is cheaper so this is also brilliant.:D

    I still think we should be seeing actual full games on blu-ray disks as thats the way i agree with, and 50gb of space is what developers and gamers want for their £40.00 game. But i love what people are doing with DLC and downloadable games nowadays, being it store updates or a major release. Its looking like an exciting future!...:D