Gameshark for PS3?
  • does the gameshark for PS2 work on the PS3?:confused:
  • I would have to give a tentative no on that for now, dancer. I haven't seen any mention that it does in the support pages over at GameShark's web site. If you have one there, however, give it a shot and let us know how it goes.
  • it didn't work when i tried it i got it to load and everything but when it said put the disk in i put it in and nothing would happen
  • do you know if they are going to make a gameshark for the ps3?
  • When/ if they do it will likely only work for PS3 games- I don't expect any sort of help making the PS2 GameSharks backward compatible.
  • they made the gameshark for the ps2 backwards compatible with playstation so maybe they will do the same thing for the ps3
  • It's been 2 years i think since PlayStation 3 has come out and I think about 1 year since the backwards compatible PlayStation 3 has come out. Now i know there is a GameShark for the PS3 but it's a media and movie manager. And after reading one of the comments on the PlayStation website concerning this, someone said that Sony does not want any GameShark cheating devices for the PlayStation 3 so i would have to say after reading that, that i don't expect there to ever be the GameShark that you guys wanted to get for the PlayStation 3. I think Sony expects us all to pass the games on our own merit which for some of those games can be impossible.

    Sorry about this. I know everyone that wanted it is disappointed. I am too.

    Hopefully, this information is wrong or that some company will release one anyway but i kinda doubt it. It really looks like if you want a GameShark you are forced to buy a Playstation 2.