Dirge of Cerberus snipers
  • Could any one please help me by telling me where the snipers are hiding in the 3rd mission. I'm stuck right now and can't find a guide with a map any where online.
  • I can't find anything listing their location either but you should be able to find them using the sniper rifle you pick up at this time. They aren't snipers, per se, but soldiers from a somewhat far distance. the sniper scope will come in handy.
  • Actually, they really are Snipers. I've compared both normal soldiers and these called Snipers, and they really show differences. Snipers do a lot more damage than the regular Deepground soldier as well as different weaponry and clothes, not the mention their much bigger range. Since I can't really pinpoint their right position, here is what I can tell to help:

    Camp out by the corners, under the bridge, crouch down behind some blocks, etc. (making sure no sniper sees you and opens fire) and use first-person mode to scout the area (if you have the sniper scope and barrel, use them) for their location. Also, if you're hit by a shot, you'll notice the radar pointing to where it came from, so, use it to your advantage and find the little bugger before he has a chance to fire at you again. Additionaly, due to their high-damage ratio (and judge this by your level) do use a Phoenix Down before attempting this, so that you won't get killed during your sweep. Also, try to aim for their heads, it'll be a critical blow, thus killing them instantly.

    Well, hope this helps you somewhat.
  • Thanks, it did help