• Hi everyone

    May sound daft but im kinda dumbstruck (Blame it on lack of sleep due to PS3:) ), but when you say OS, do you mean other systems such as windows or am i thinking of something completely different? Im just trying to install som software on my PS3 that i have on my PC but cant, i need removable storage, but only have my psp 32mb memory card.
    Other than know ing that, im good. Except i want to know how to get online buddies. I wanna go on line with rfom but have to go online with:(

  • Yes, when I say "OS" i do mean "operating system" such as Windows or Linux. The only alternate operating system that will work with the PS3 properly is Linux and it is recommended to use the actual distribution that was made for the PS3, Yellow Dog. You can find details about it, along with links to free downloads and how to install, at their web site, Terra Soft -- Linux for PS3, IBM Power, Mercury Cell, and Apple PowerPC. . I would give up on those programs you are trying to move over now as they most likely will not work.

    As for the Buddies list, if you happen to meet up with some guys in R:FOM (or any other game) you want to hook up with again send them a Buddy Request out of your Friends menu on the XMB. Once they accept you should see them when they are online and see if they are in a game.
  • Cheers. Just one other question though, what exactly can you do with yellow dog? I tried finding some info on the website, but it wasnt exactly clear. That, or im a dumb a**
  • You can do pretty much anything you can under Windows or on Mac, with the right applications. Web surfing, IM, image editing, spreadsheets, word documents, etc.- you name it.

    Linux is an alternative to using the big 2. The plus sides of it are the OS is open source, meaning users are allowed to tweak the system to try improve on what has been done. Also, there is no denying the price is right- completely free. Only thing is using Linux is a bit more "hands on" than Windows or Mac can be, with more command line entry than you normally do.