Problem Connecting My Ps3
  • Hello there:-)
    I have a problem!
    I have a ps3 and am having problems connecting to the internet.
    I have a powerpc G4 e-mac-0s x-firefox
    I also have a 8 port router ethernet switch thang!
    My cable modem is plugged straight into the router.
    My computer is plugged straight into the router

    I have set up a private network so that my computer has to be on for all others on the network to connect to the internet.
    When i put the playstation onto the router to join my lan it reconises it on the port.

    I have manually put in private ip address, subnetmask, default router, and all other info needed etc.
    (I will admit to only putting one dns no in. I don't use these on the mac-the dhcp does all automatically and does not give dns, just leaves blank.)
    But all info i put in, i think, although i'm not an expert by any means, is ok.

    The problem is when i press to connect on the playstation it reconises the ip address but won't connect- giving me an error no: 80710102 and message:
    "an error occured while resolving the name with the server"

    I really truely cannot work out which bit i have got to go in and change. Or indeed what this error means so i may know what i have done wrong.

    Please please help me i am desperate to go on line with the ps3 and i know am oh so close!!! I can provide more technicle info if needed to sort problem out. For instance i have allowed my firewall to let things share the net etc.

    I have looked at alot of your faqs but it was all for wireless or straight into the cable modem.
    I do have a router which you recomend is best, but i seem to be having the same probs as everyone else?????!!!!!

    Confused i am!!!!
  • The problem may be the DNS servers, etc.- considering the Mac doesn't normally use them you may want to try going automatic for all. Sometimes the best solution is the simplest. ;)
  • Hi there,
    sorry but the reason i put it all in manually is because it did not work at all automatically. I sure wish it had it would of saved me alot of time and effort and alot of reading up around the subject on the net, but i'm determind i won't be beaten!!!
    If you think it is the dns nos then i will ring my service provider and get ahold of them!!! Is that really what you reakon it is????
    It'll be the next thing to try my head is swimming i have tried so many things!!!
    But thankyou very much-will let you know how it goes!
  • sorry to bother you again but what does that error:80710102 with message:
    an error occured while resolving the name with the server?

    If i knew what that meant i'd know what to go in and change but i don't really understand the message. Can you shed any light on what it means??!!!
    Everyhting is normally so straight forward on a mac this is the first time i've really had a prob!!!

    A very frustrated ilex!
  • It could well be the reason- your ISP would have DNS servers and even if the mac doesn't use them the PS3 does. You may also want to put the PS3 into the DMZ, meaning it is out in the open on the internet. There is nothing in the way of virii, trojans, etc. to affect it and will be safe.

    That error message is telling you there is a communication problem between the router and the PS3. Hopefully once you get the DNS numbers from your provider and put those in things will work out.
  • sorry i wouldn't say mac doesn't use them it merely uses the dns info provided by the dhcp server. so it does use them but in a slightly different way. I should of explained that better!!! My dns boxes were blank but i did a wee bit of pinging and found out one dns that way!!! Just didn't think i'd need both. I will have to ring my service provider and obtain the second one!
    Thanx so for help-i'll let you know how it goes!
    ps anything else you might think it is if it turns out not to be that???
  • Only other thing i can think of is maybe some obscure setting on the Mac to be changed because of the way you have the network set up. I haven't even so much as touched Mac so i would not have a clue where to begin. Any particular reason you went that route instead of just letting the router handle all of the networking load?
  • Hey,

    I am currently having exactly the same problem.......

    Although i have entered all data correctly (as far as i know....) and still that same error is coming up.

    Before it was failing on findig the IP Address but now it succeeds with this and then fails on this "name of server" thing...

    Anyone any ideas what going on?

  • Lisa, recheck your other settings (DNS servers, subnet mask, etc.)- this is where the problem may be. If you are using a router to share your connection you can get all this on the Status page of the router's set up.
  • Thanks....
    Just to varify......the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and DNS Servers all come from your ISP??

    Also what is the MTU usually set at and should i "SET" the proxy server instead of selecting "DO NOT SET"....??
    Would these settings have anything to do with the problem?
  • Unless your ISP has them set differently you can leave the MTU, Proxy server, etc. at their default position.

    The DNS servers do come from your internet provider. Others such as the subnet mask, default gateway and IP address are usually set on the router, if you are using one (you are using a router?).
  • Yeah, I'm using a router...were can i find the status for the router? just want to make sure im taking it from the right place? (so as to not make a complete fool of myself!!!)
  • You should have a page on there called Status- it varies where to find this info from brand to brand. Just click around the tabs and you will find it eventually 9no worries about harming anything that way eiither). All of the information you will need should be on this page regarding the DNS servers and Subnet mask. The router IP is the same IP you use to access the set up page.

    You may want to try setting up a specific IP address for the router to give the PS3 every time it wants online. This can be done in DHCP on most routers or the DMZ. You will be needing the PS3's MAC Address, which can be found under System Information in the Settings menu on the PS3.

    I think i may have to do up a quick how-to for setting up this sort of thing- seems like a lot of people having troubles.
  • Thanks.....much appreciated.
    Will try looking the stuff up again and make sure i have the numbers down correctly? if all seems to be correct i think i may have an even greater problem!!!!
    i think a how to do.... would be a great idea! it seems to be rather complicated!(although im sure it isnt really!)
    Thanks again....
  • Lisa have you tried re-booting your router/modem?

    I had exactly the same error number when trying to connect the first time, re-booted then everything fell into place.
  • i had the same problem when i first got my ps3 online
  • Actualy didn't try that!!!! feel a tad stupid now....cheers though!!
    Hopefully will have some joy this evening!!!!