wut should i do
  • someone stole my PS3 out of my house and i called the cops and everything but they cant do too much. Sony wont replace it so im pretty much screwed. ANy advice?
  • If you have the receipts and all, make out a list of all that was taken and contact your home insurance provider to make a claim. State that you have reported the crime to the police.
  • well i have the receipt to the playstation but not for the other stuff...will they replace it?
  • you home insurance should replace all your stuff - if you have the boxes in cupboards or pictures that show the stuff was in the house then you have a good claim on your hands. provide a list of everything that was taken to the police and then contact your insurance with the same list.

    Hopefully you will then have an assessor contact you and sort out your claim for you.

    Good luck
  • r u sure they cover burglaries
  • It should unless whoever bought the insurance skimped on the coverage to save a few bucks. More often than not, though, it's standard coverage. Again, take some shots of the boxes and the receipt for proof that the system was indeed in your possession.
  • Thats horrible - poor you!!!

    Definetly contact your home insurance provider and it should hopefully cover theft. Make sure you have the crime number etc to hand what the police gave you when you ring up.
  • yea just make sure you dont take for granted what you have and appreciate it everday....hopefully it covers theft and i get everything back
  • the insurance company said i would have to pay a 500 dollars to make a claim and there's no point in that so i mine as well buy a new 1....any suggestions?
  • For one, change insurance companies. Sounds like you have a bunch of shysters covering you right now. Charge $500 to make a claim? I don't think so.

    Looking at that you would be better off to just go buy a new system.
  • Moneyman698 said:
    the insurance company said i would have to pay a 500 dollars to make a claim and there's no point in that so i mine as well buy a new 1....any suggestions?

    I am assuming that the $500 is your policy deductible, am I correct?
  • yea it is but i bought the system for 600 and spent 400 on other stuff for it like games.....is there anyway i can find if someone registered my PS3 or made a Playstation network account(real playstation network account) on it? Can you log into the Playstation network with a computer or see if a certain email address has an account
  • No, you wouldn't be able to trace the machine that way. The only way Sony could get an idea of where it is would be if you had already registered the serial number with them and whoever stole it tried to do the same (not likely). There is no log in for PSN accounts on the PC. It's starting to look like you would be better off to pay the deductible , make the claim and get everything replaced. The only thing that could identify it online would be the MAC address- I'm doubting the low level tech support you get dialing Sony would be able to help much there, however.

    Regarding your thinking of tracing a certain e-mail address, does this mean you maybe have a suspect in mind?
  • yes i have a suspect in mind but idk if its him becuz its my best friend. He's the only one who played it and knows where it is. Where can I get a MAC address?
  • Did you have things set up through a router for online play? If so you could go into the settings of it to get it.
  • yea i did....how can i do that?
  • Just go to the router options pages on your computer and look into the DHCP section where you would have had the settings made. You should be able to recognize the right one going by the IP address you had set up for it.