Star wars 2 - lego City area
  • Hi there,

    My brother and I are having trouble scoring 1,000,000 studs in the Lego City area. We get up to approximatly 995,040 and can't work out what we're missing. Please help - very frustrating after working so hard just to get the old bricks to enter lego city then not being able to complete it!!!!

    Thanks, Sheldea & Dean
  • It's virtually impossible to specify where to look without knowing where you have been. There is a guide here showing a particular path to get all of the studs in this area. Good luck!
  • Thanks for that!!! We had been building the 'G' wrong! so simple yet caused hours of frustration!

    Sheldea & Dean
  • Been having same problem! link to the lego city stud collection Jim Staff posted won't work for me.