Playstation Network Failed Message
  • Hello,

    I recently bought a PS3 (release day in the UK). I already had a Belkin Router. When I got the PS3 home, I successfully connected to the Internet with no problems.

    Today I upgraded the Firmware on my router to the latest version of Firmware. This upgrade was successful, and I can now connect to the Internet successfully with other wireless devices such as my laptop and my Xbox360.

    However when I try to connect my PS3. The first 2 steps of the test pass. This is the Connectivity and IP allocation (I know the PS3 is on my network, because I can see it it the Router Configuration). However when it gets to the Playstation Network test, it fails.

    It appears to give no apparant error message. Please can you advise what the problem may be, and what I can do to resolve it. (As an aside issue, also since the upgrade my MSN Messenger will also not connect wirelessly, I thought I would post this, as it may also be linked).
  • I would go into your router's settings and re- enter any particulars you may have put in for the system. It's possible the firmware upgrade on the router may have made a change on you. You may also want to doublecheck to be sure the new changes match the PS3's connection settings.
  • Hello Lyndon,

    Thanks for the response.

    I have actually put the IP of my PS3 in the DMZ to completely take out any firewall issues, in case it was this, however it still will not connect.

    I did a network test to see if I got an error message. When I did this test, I got an error message.

    When I checked the error message on another forum it seems to relate to a busy network, however I know this is not the case...
  • I am having the exact same problem. It connects to the internet perfectly but it always times out when it tries to connect to the PS Network. I have heard that it is something to do with my ISP. I am with Pipex homecall in the UK and i have recently contacted them about this problem.

    I have heard many Pipex customers are having this problem. It also affects access to sites like hotmail, bebo and msn messenger.

    Are you having a similar problem?
  • hey pinchyiii, i know you havent posted for a while, but i've just got my ps3 and just wondering if you have solved the problem wi the ps network im having the same problem?
  • I don't think Pinchyiii has been on the site for some time now, Gazouk- sometimes people make their question and then somehow lose track of us, never coming back to check responses. :(

    I may be able to help you out, though. I'll need some information regarding your current hookup (wired/ wireless connection, router in place, how your PS3 connection is set currently, etc.).
  • Hey guys,

    Im having the same problem my playsttaion network was all fine up till the latest PSN update.

    Okay I can still play gams online and everything but the problem stated at the top of the thread is bugging me.

    I do a internet connection test on my ps3 the first two pass while the playstation network fails. I have tried many things but none have worked.

    Could some of ye guys give me help?!?

    Thanks in Avance Irish :)

    Don't matter got it fixed.
  • playstation network failing internet cannection can sometimes be a simple problem to fix.1)go to your network settings 2)scroll down to media servers 3)disable media server.4)turn off your ps3 wait 30 sec turn on ps3 and try to sign in,doing this should enable you to sign in now.